Oct 282012
Exercising My Love Muscles

The Dr. Laura Berman “Veronica” Weighted Pelvic Exerciser with Stainless Steel Balls from California Exotics is not just a mouthful to say (or a long sentence to type,) it’s a pussy-full of fun! The intended use for this 7″ long resin exerciser is strengthening of Kegel muscles.  The resin is a faintly pink, nearly iridescent [...]

Oct 152012
Anal Aftermath

I just read Whitman’s account of our totally successful but nearly-disastrous crisis-averted lost anal plug story! It’s sort of funny in retrospect, and it was sort of funny just after it happened, but as it was happening?? OHMYGAHHH… I do like anal sex. It doesn’t always work out for me, but when it does, it’s [...]

Oct 112012
Fun to Cum - Tribbing Dominant GF Inbound

This evening we have a friend coming over whom we haven’t seen for some time now. This friend, Maria, has been known to accost SexFairy in the women’s bathroom at bars, pull down her pants or up her skirt, and thrust her tongue across SexFairy’s clit while fingering her pussy. SexFairy likes those bathroom trips. [...]

Oct 102012
Polite Whores say “Yes Please”

Last Saturday night, SexFairy and I had a pretty damn good dinner, got a bit drunk, and then a bit horny, and ended the night with a sexual first, in a kind of funny whoops way. SexFairy likes being, shall we say, restrained. She says she finds it comforting and arousing at the same time. [...]

Oct 042012
It Makes Me Think of Doing Things to Her

[Get your very own private SexFairy photo, details at the bottom] Whitman and I had a little chat this morning, about lingerie, nipples, and my being bi:    Whitman: That’s pretty lingerie on tumblr       SexFairy: it IS.  I found it on Pinterest, but it’s  here…the lingerie is pretty OR maybe just her nipples are [...]

Oct 012012
Taking our girlfriend on vacation, Part II

[Part II of a two part story, continued from Part I] where we take our girlfriend Kitten away to a theme park for the weekend… (photos in this post are of us from that day) After a day in the park, we went back to the hotel, all got naked, and started drinking. On thing [...]

Sep 282012
My new Personal Pleasurizer

A box arrived recently. Inside that box was another box. The colorful inner box made a few claims, including that it contained "The Ultimate in Feminine Arousal!”  Damn, and all this time I thought that was my Whitman! CalExotics sent me their Platinum Edition Personal Pleasurizer to play with. “Sorry Whitman,” I said,  "You can [...]

Sep 262012
Taking our girlfriend on vacation, Part I

[Part I of a two part story] So we rather have a somewhat steady girlfriend. Kitten is mid-twenties, bisexual, open minded, with tattoos and a tongue piercing, and a fuck of a lot of fun. SexFairy mentioned her first in the post “I Suck At Squirting”. On a rather last minute whim, we decided to [...]

Aug 312012
Naughty Education

Whitman and I are old enough and experienced enough to consider ourselves sexually “educated”. I mean, at a certain point, you think you know everything there is to know, right? It turns out, though, we’ve had a lot to learn over the past few years. First, we learned (and are still learning) about each other: [...]

Aug 232012
Strap on fun for her, and her, and indirectly, him.

Our friends at CalExotics noticed that I have been sexually opening up as I’ve increasingly begun to think of myself as bisexual. That, and having a few new girlfriends brought us this fun new sex toy. The Love Rider Dual Action Strap-On 7-function vibrating silicone dildo meant for double pleasure. This is all silicone, (including [...]