Dec 282012

The holidays are full of joy. Friends gather to exchange tokens of love and share in large festive meals, often with copious amounts of alcohol. All this eating and drinking can make us feel quite full, and by the end of December, many of us look to our newly enlarged waist lines and butts, and think “Shit, I need to start working out!!!”.

Posh Silicone "O" BallsOne oft ignored workout place is our insides. Specifically our Kegel Muscles. Now if your gym is like mine, you won’t find anyone lined up at the Kegel Station pumping 70 pounds. That’s because there isn’t such a thing, unfortunately. Thank goodness CalExotics was nice enough to let me try out their aptly named Posh Silicone “O” Balls.

The Posb balls come in Blue, Orange, Purple and Pink. [What? No Cammo?] Make of Pure Silicone, you get two nicely weighted balls and a helpful loop at the end. Helpful since if you recall my “Anal Aftermath” post, losing things inside you can be a bit, well, concerning. At 2.9 oz. they don’t really weight that much. Each ball has  a spiderweb texture on both sides and an inner ball that’s loose. They almost feel like cat toys, though I wouldn’t want my family to find my cat rolling this across the floor.

Inserting the balls with just a little lube is easy, and they are comfortable enough to “wear” all day. After a while I didn’t really notice them until I would walk a bit and find myself squirming from the feeling. That reminder made me squeeze the balls inside myself and I think I can say I was almost sore from my kegel workout [is that really a thing?].

We assume the “O” is short for orgasm of course. And while having plenty of orgasms is something I rather consider myself good at, thanks in part to Whitman wink wink, I always want better and more of them. Thanks CalExotics for helping me avoid a few extra trips to the gym.