Aug 152012

Readers often make their way to the Naughty Spot via varied wayward search terms.

Some are funny, some are a little scary. Some are just plain ol’ ‘WTF?’ odd.

This one might qualify as all three, but is definitely the funniest I’ve seen in a LONG TIME:

“is there a way to watch lesbians in a shower without a flashdrive”

hot lesbian shower photo

Aug 012012

I recently read an article in Men’s Health magazine that ranked America’s “smuttiest cities.” They weren’t talking about air pollution and soot, either. They meant smutty in the best way possible: porn viewing habits.

The magazine used several methods to come up with this list, including rate of internet porn searches via Google, number of adult toy stores per city, and number of porn DVD’s purchased, rented, or movies streamed through certain providers. I was not surprised to read that Orlando ranked #1 on this list. Vacationing parents and conventioneers like to get a little cray-zee when tv porn topless blonde out of town, apparently.

What I did find extremely interesting, though, was a side note. Eight of the cities on the list (remember, these are big porn-watching and porn-searching communities) had their access restricted from the porn-streaming company used for the research. Apparently these 8 cities, (including Jacksonville, Florida and Cincinnati, Ohio) fall in the no-stream category. Some companies put this restriction in place to avoid “being charged with violating community standards.” Seriously?! Has anyone been to Jacksonville or Cincinnati lately? Who says those cities have standards?

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys storeSo if you live in or are traveling to one of these cities, make sure you BYOPd (bring your own porn dvds). Or make your own, of course!

Jun 132012

Did you read about the couple who got busted in the middle of a blow job at a Cirque du Soleil show in California? I read this and get a little nostalgic for that “OMG, Whitman, I just can’t go another minute without your cock in my mouth!” feeling. Ahhh, new love. Explosive lust. Oh, wait…I still have that feeling quite often, so it’s not really nostalgia, I just miss Whitman. And his cock.  He’s out of town,  and I DO wish he  would get home so we can discuss this public blow job scandal further. (Neither of us leans too much towards public sex, so I don’t see us recreating this scene any time soon.)


Reading this story does lead me to a couple of thoughts:

  • Why on Earth would someone pay SO MUCH MONEY to see a show, then not watch it? Cirque du Soleil could easily be $120 each! (although I’m guessing this crew was in the cheap seats)
  • These people are US Border Patrol Agents. Who do they think they are? The Secret Service??!

self blow job

May 182012

monica lewinskyLunch at my desk today. (Always a bad idea.)

I’m wearing a new dress. It’s cute, it’s summery, it’s blue. It now has spaghetti sauce on it.

SexFairy: Just splashed red sauce on my blue dress. :(  and grrr at myself.
Whitman: that dress is begging to be stained, isn’t it, Miss Lewinsky?
SexFairy: I can think of better ways than pasta to stain this dress, Mr. President!

Mar 152012

I haven’t had sex (with another person) in almost three weeks now. I’ve gone for way longer periods of time without sex (weeks, months, a year). Who hasn’t, right?

Save a Virgin

This time is different, though. I’ve had surgery on my labia, which left a few stitches in and around my vagina. There are also a couple of stitches in and around my clitoral hood. I told Whitman that when we do finally have sex, it will be like I’ve been REVIRGINIZED!!

Mar 142012

The title says it all. There are lots of ways to explain it, but basically today is “Guys’ Valentines Day” – all they need is a steak and a blowjob. Let’s do our part, ladies and give them what they want!

Happy Steak and BJ Day!

Feb 222012

I always have my nails professionally manicured. Always. This week (the week of labiaplasty) is no different. Today’s schedule: Pre-op at the doctor’s office, pre-op at the surgery center, then NAILS!

I arrived at the salon,  planning to pick a pink polish, in honor of my pink, pink pussy and the Pussy Prettification Project. I picked the newest pink in the place, which was on full display at the front counter as part of the OPI Holland Collection.

pussy lips pink

Kiss My Two Lips Goodbye

 Imagine my amusement when I learned the name of this lovely pink shade:
“Kiss Me On My Tulips”
…and on that note…
Kiss these two lips goodbye!!

Feb 152012

cocktail party nightly

My Dearest Whitman,

Remember the days not so long ago when we chatted online and dreamt of one day living together? I said something like, “I can’t wait until the day we can go home after a day at work and we can drink, have kinky sex, and make fun of Republicans.”

Well, here we are, livin’ the dream, baby!

Sex Fairy

Nov 222011

Is it just me, or is this TOTALLY and UTTERLY wrong?


Oct 062011

I was texting a friend about a gift I’s recently ordered for her. I asked if she had received any packages from me, or really, packages from an “Etsy stranger.”

Except my PHONE, once again, decided to make that phrase better for me. What she saw was me asking if she’s received anything from an EASY STRANGER. I corrected myself, but she thought “easy stranger” sounded better. I had to agree, and decided that might be my Halloween costume this year! I’ve certainly had plenty of practice at it.

droidian slip

I have to wonder if this was a Droidian slip or Freudian slip?? Whitman has been traveling without me, and while I never doubt his love for me, I do know how much he loves variety. That’s just what he needs…and easy stranger!