Sep 262012

[Part I of a two part story]

So we rather have a somewhat steady girlfriend. Kitten is mid-twenties, bisexual, open minded, with tattoos and a tongue piercing, and a fuck of a lot of fun. SexFairy mentioned her first in the post “I Suck At Squirting”.

On a rather last minute whim, we decided to take a weekend at a theme park destination. Then, a few hours later, feeling a bit sexy and a little drunk, we invited Kitten to join us, to leave the next day, and she accepted. This was a stretch for us. Our relationship with Kitten has to date been largely based around sex. But with a long drive and hours walking around rollercoasters and such, we knew sex couldn’t be the sole driver. I am very glad to say, we all had an incredible time.

We checked into the hotel rather late Friday night, grabbed some dinner, and then all crashed in bed, with me in the middle. I love the feel of sexy sweet female skin next to me in bed. That night I had it times two, SexFairy on one side and Kitten on the other.

As the sun rose we three began slowly waking up together. The girls came in close, and my dick, started to rise. Soon they were both going down on me, sharing my cock between their mouths, licking my balls, tickling my ass. I hadn’t cum in a few days and soon Kitten was on her knees slamming her throat onto my cock playing with the head with her pierced tongue while SexFairy stroked Kitten’s hair with one hand, and my balls with her other.  I soon exploded into Kittens throat, to the point where she later commented “I think cum shot up into my nose.” SexFairy feeling up Kitten at lunch

The day we spent at the park, walking around as a trio. We had a lovely lunch, me across from my sexy girls. As we walked the park, I’d kiss Kitten. Kitten would kiss SexFairy. SexFairy would kiss me. And people would look at us with a bit of an open mouth stare. One time, as we three walked away from a little kissfest holding hands, Kitten yelled back to some guy “Yes he’s a lucky man!”. I so am.

After a day in the park, we went back to the hotel, all got naked, and started drinking. And that you can now read in part II.

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