Aug 312012

Whitman and I are old enough and experienced enough to consider ourselves sexually “educated”. I mean, at a certain point, you think you know everything there is to know, right? It turns out, though, we’ve had a lot to learn over the past few years.

First, we learned (and are still learning) about each other: what we like, how we’re kinked, some new turn-ons, and surprising things we didn’t even know about ourselves, much less each other. We like costumes, we like rope, we like high quality vibrators. We’re learning as we go, and it’s a continuous process!Rainbow condomsThen we started learning about different sex toy materials, what’s body-safe, what’s not. We learned that our nice silicone toys can’t be used with our favorite silicone lubricants. We now have a large collection of lubes: flavored, not flavored, silicone, water-based, and oil. They all have their place in our sexual repertoire.

Threesome - not us, but could beMost recently, we’ve added some new play partners. Neither Whitman nor I have had to buy condoms in years, but this recent development has added “safe-sex” education to our schedule. There are tons of new condom styles these days! Whitman is sampling condoms of all different sizes, shapes, and materials to find out what feels best.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys storeOur relationship started off hot and stays hot because we’ve always been interested exploring and learning about sex and about each other. I hope we never stop.

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  1. You never can stop learning and discovering new things. When my husband and I opened up our relationship, we had to rediscover the world of condoms again as well. Especially, when it looked like he might have a partner who was allergic to latex. We had fun trying them out and writing about it on the blog. :)

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