Jun 302011

…that DOUBLES AS JEWELRY?!  Good Vibrations sent me these really cool vibrating accessories, and I was more than happy to try them out.

rose with a weenisI’m a collector of “big” rings anyway, so I was thrilled to see the Rumblin’ Rose Waterproof Ring Vibrator in my mailbox. My Rumblin’ Rose “Gossip Ring by Hustler Toys” is a 1.5” red TPR rose (also available in purple). I love the size and style of this ring in general, but when you add in the little tiny bullet vibe that’s (mostly) hidden in the center?? I love it even more! Unfortunately the vibe pokes out from behind the rose just a liiiiitle too much for me to feel comfortable wearing it for everyday wear. I can just imagine the curiosity of the folks at my office: “Why does your ring have a little weenis?” This ring would be great to wear out at night to a dark club for a little secret titillation of your date, or wear it to a sexy party of any sort!

The ring arrives with the batteries (watch batteries) installed. I thought at first that my push-button one-speed microbullet was defective, because it didn’t work right away, but LO AND BEHOLD, when unscrewed, there was a little protective paper that needed to be removed. This wasn’t really noted on the packaging, and there wasn’t a tab hanging out of the battery compartment, so consider yourself warned: if you buy this ring, don’t forget to activate it! This toy is soft, flexible, and with a little lube, just the right size and sensation to tickle my clit. It’s a perfect warm up.

I also received the Pirates Pendant Vibrator. CUTE! Available in black or copper, my black pendant is going to get a lot of use. Although the necklace is a sexy toy marketed as part of the “Pirates” porn series, it is totally suited for daily wear. IMG_4187The pendant itself is about the size of my thumb, and is embossed with ‘pirate-y’ designs all the way around the smooth matte finish. It is stylish, and looks like an unusual “statement necklace.” The ball chain is 27” long and is also a matte black. The good part of this necklace, though, is the powerful hidden vibrator!  The tiny nub near the top of the pendant not only attaches is to the chain, but controls the FIVE-SPEED vibe. Yes, FIVE different speed and vibration patterns are right there all the time! Increase the speed or change the pulsing by repeatedly pushing the button. You do, however, have to cycle through all five to get to “off.”

By the way, in answer to the “Who needs jewelry?” question — ME! I do love sex toys, but in NO WAY are toys a replacement for real jewelry! ;)


Jun 292011

I had an amazing orgasm the other day. It was amazing not because of how long or strong it was, but because of how it came about: I was giving a blowjob. I wasn’t touching myself. (Nor was I humping the bed!)  This was just supposed to be a warm-up teasing blowjob before a little ‘vanilla-ish’ sex…just a little foreplay.

I took off my clothes and  scooched across the bed on my belly to where Whitman was standing naked.  His cock was at perfect mouth level, and half-hard while he waited (what I like to call a “corky” instead of a ‘woody’). I slid his gorgeous cock in my mouth, and as he moaned, he grew harder. I felt myself get instantly wet.  I brought my hands up to the base of his cock while my elbows stayed on the bed, and I must have looked very much like I had my chin in my hands.
Except for the penis in my mouth.

not meWhitman began to slowly slide his cock in and out, fucking my face, but slowly, gently, methodically. I never took my mouth off of him, sliding up and down in rhythm with his thrusts. Wet and extra-slippery saliva pooled in my hands, then began to run down my arms. I felt it dripping, and felt my cunt began to throb.  I squeezed my legs a little, pressing myself into the mattress slightly.

I kept sucking, swirling my tongue around the head slightly, but mostly just enjoying the  cock in my face. Whitman picked up the pace a little, then grabbed my hair in each hand, fucking, fucking, fucking… I was SO TURNED on by the way he just fucked my face. In my mind, I became just a fuckhole and a hot, wet, place for him to get his rocks off.

As I had that “fuckhole” thought, Whitman reached down and moved my right hand from his cock to cup his balls. I cupped, I pressed a little on his perineum, I drooled. The puddle under my arms was growing, and my arms were shiny-slick with spit. There was a big wet spot on the bed below my face. Whitman’s cock was soooo fucking hard. He held my hair, he fucked my face, (still steadily and hard, but not roughly), and I had the most AMAZING ORGASM.

I was shocked to feel it coming and even more shocked to feel it happen. (As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a creature of my own masturbating habits, and more often than not, all body parts need to be arranged just so for me to get off.)  Somehow the self-objectification, combined with the steady sucking / face fucking, the spit everywhere, and the pressure of the bed under my clit led to the perfect storm-gasm. This was not quite “thinking off” but close!

Jun 282011

From our Tumblr site at http://thenaughtyspot.tumblr.com/, it’s Top Tumblr Tuesday #14.

I wrote this on Monday, about our sex on Sunday, when we also hit 1000 Tumblr followers.

1000 Naughty Tumblr Followersa short oral sex story

Tomorrow expect a post from SexFairy detailing the adventure.

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Jun 212011

From our Tumblr site at http://thenaughtyspot.tumblr.com/, it’s Top Tumblr Tuesday #13.

I spotted this photo first, and we both really appreciate it. Here’s a hot woman, wearing a collar, a blindfold, with music playing into her hears on headphones taped to her head so they won’t come out. She is also wearing wrist cuffs presumably keeping her in place while one guy fucks her face and the other her pussy.

Think about it. She can’t see. She can’t hear. All she can do is smell and feel. Losing sight and sound helps her become the object for their pleasure. The fuck toy she wants to be.

Female Fuck toy object 
I can’t wait to try this out on SexFairy. Any other DICKS out there want to join us?

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Jun 172011

So… pegging. I’m new to it. I like it.

It feels good to me, especially using the ‘ray gun,’ but I wonder…

I wonder if fucking someone with a fake penis is similar to running a race on prosthetic legs?

It must feel so good to run, but the runner isn’t really FEELING the ground under their feet.

When I’m pegging, it’s like, “OMG, YES!!! I’m DOING the fucking and it feels SO GOOD, but I can’t really FEEEEEL it…”

How much better must this feel with a real penis??

(This DOES NOT mean that I’d rather have a penis than a pussy, by the way.)

Jun 132011

Whitman and I were seated outdoors at a darling little Greek café late on a warm summer evening. I could barely walk after the sex we’d just finished up. After an hour or more of hot, hot, HOT play, (including Hitachi punishment) he finally filled me with hot cum and called it a night. We’d barely cleaned up, thrown on our clothes, and rushed out the door to make it to the restaurant before closing time.

As we enjoyed our wine, I was purring about how good Whitman’s big.fat.cock. had felt inside of me, and I was still throbbing and dripping, and so on and so forth as I rubbed hisnot our waiter leg under the table.

As I continued basking in the dreamy afterglow, our dinner arrived…

and WHOA, it was way. too. much. food! I’d ordered a big crazy appetizer platter as my dinner, and it was at least enough for three people. Whitman cracked a joke to the waiter about trying to fatten me up. The waiter never missed a beat and said,

“You’re ABOUT TO GET a fat one!”

I’m assuming he meant if I ate all of that food (never in a million years, by the way). “HAH!” I thought. “I JUST HAD about all of the fat one I can handle!”

Jun 112011

You know how sometimes after a while the person you’re with starts to look like just the person you’re with, and not the hot girl you see you cross the way that you have sexy thoughts about?

The other day I was in the supermarket and saw this hot looking woman leaning deep into a refrigerated counter. She was wearing a tight tube top and jeans and I could not stop staring at her ass. I thought as I stared at her ass that I would so much like to go up and hit on this woman and see what I can make happen.

sex woman supermarket freshWhat makes this incredible for me and so different from prior experiences is that this was SexFairy I was looking at. We have been together a while now. For  me to still want her in such a horny way, in such a public place as I might any hot sexy stranger, was an incredibly hot moment for me.

I hope this never changes or goes away.

From the aisles of the supermarket, I remain completely infatuated.

Jun 092011

It’s a word that comes to mind when I think of how easily Whitman can turn me on  and draw me in  using just his voice or his words, spoken or typed.

It’s like “submissive + seduction”.

He doesn’t need to seduce me with talk  of romantic dinners, massages, and wine (even though we often enjoy all of those).

I’m seduced by his talk of submission. Specifically, his talk of ME submitting to HIM. The darker and dirtier his ideas and words are, the hotter and wetter I get. I dream of being able to completely give myself to his sexy whims, even though there are still things I struggle with. Deeper, deeper, and deeper I go.


Check THIS out: The REAL definition of ‘subduction’? “the process by which one tectonic plate moves under another tectonic plate.”  It is sort of like that, isn’t it??

Jun 082011

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about people having particular and personal masturbation styles. I’m a two-fingers on the clit hood girl, myself. I just sort of drag/massage my fingers in a firm circle, and BAM! I don’t need any penetration, just the rubbing. Speaking of rubbing, I just realized as an adult, that oftentimes younger girls will hump their teddy bears, or pillows, or the bed, whatever. I never did this. Apparently I was missing out as a teen! Speaking of NOT rubbing, I’d really like to learn the mind-cum trick…being able to think myself off (!), or cum on a verbal command from Whitman with no touching necessary. Maybe one day.

For now, this is the closest I get to cumming in my panties – when I watch this video. I’m not sure what it is about this, but wow, does it make me wet! It’s even better with sound.

I’m not sure how it came up, but about a year ago, I had a sudden (and very unusual) urge to HUMP something, something like my pillow. I DIDN’T, because it seemed a little odd and not “my thing” (see: habits, above), and because there’s something slightly humiliating and "public" about masturbating this way. I mentioned my urge to Whitman one day while we were dirty chatting working, and he sent me this video. I got SO. TURNED. ON. It was insane.

He then instructed me to masturbate on camera (yes! at my office!) for him. I did. (speaking of slightly publicly humiliating…)
Then I was HORNIER THAN EVER. He told me to go home and yes, actually hump my pillow that night. I did. It was incredibly hot. Something about that orgasm was very intense, yet somehow unfulfilling. It seemed muffled, like it had a pillow over it. Go figure.

I haven’t really done it since, but I’m feeling that urge again. I just watched “the pillow-humping video” (as I call it) again. I couldn’t could barely keep my two fingers out of my panties AGAIN. Fuck. Is it 5 o’clock yet?

Jun 072011

From our Tumblr site at http://thenaughtyspot.tumblr.com/, it’s Top Tumblr Tuesday #12.

This was a quick pick. I noticed it and SexFairy recommended it. She also tumbled it.

As SexFairy says, "because lesbian ass eating is some of the hottest porn ever".
I so agree.

lesbian ass eating

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