Jun 302011

…that DOUBLES AS JEWELRY?!  Good Vibrations sent me these really cool vibrating accessories, and I was more than happy to try them out.

rose with a weenisI’m a collector of “big” rings anyway, so I was thrilled to see the Rumblin’ Rose Waterproof Ring Vibrator in my mailbox. My Rumblin’ Rose “Gossip Ring by Hustler Toys” is a 1.5” red TPR rose (also available in purple). I love the size and style of this ring in general, but when you add in the little tiny bullet vibe that’s (mostly) hidden in the center?? I love it even more! Unfortunately the vibe pokes out from behind the rose just a liiiiitle too much for me to feel comfortable wearing it for everyday wear. I can just imagine the curiosity of the folks at my office: “Why does your ring have a little weenis?” This ring would be great to wear out at night to a dark club for a little secret titillation of your date, or wear it to a sexy party of any sort!

The ring arrives with the batteries (watch batteries) installed. I thought at first that my push-button one-speed microbullet was defective, because it didn’t work right away, but LO AND BEHOLD, when unscrewed, there was a little protective paper that needed to be removed. This wasn’t really noted on the packaging, and there wasn’t a tab hanging out of the battery compartment, so consider yourself warned: if you buy this ring, don’t forget to activate it! This toy is soft, flexible, and with a little lube, just the right size and sensation to tickle my clit. It’s a perfect warm up.

I also received the Pirates Pendant Vibrator. CUTE! Available in black or copper, my black pendant is going to get a lot of use. Although the necklace is a sexy toy marketed as part of the “Pirates” porn series, it is totally suited for daily wear. IMG_4187The pendant itself is about the size of my thumb, and is embossed with ‘pirate-y’ designs all the way around the smooth matte finish. It is stylish, and looks like an unusual “statement necklace.” The ball chain is 27” long and is also a matte black. The good part of this necklace, though, is the powerful hidden vibrator!  The tiny nub near the top of the pendant not only attaches is to the chain, but controls the FIVE-SPEED vibe. Yes, FIVE different speed and vibration patterns are right there all the time! Increase the speed or change the pulsing by repeatedly pushing the button. You do, however, have to cycle through all five to get to “off.”

By the way, in answer to the “Who needs jewelry?” question — ME! I do love sex toys, but in NO WAY are toys a replacement for real jewelry! ;)