Apr 012012

not THAT ice cream standI was reading in GQ this month about men trying out moves they’ve seen in porn before actually getting to know a girl. The author was letting guys know to ‘keep it normal’ for a while before busting out with crazy moves and name calling. (Hey! What’s wrong with ‘dirty whore’?!) She mentions a sex position called the “ice cream stand.” My response to this was “Wtf is an ice cream stand?!” Seriously, every time I think I’ve heard it all, something different will pop up in the world of sex and sex stories. (Don’t even get me started on all the sex toys out there! That’s a different post!)

rusty tromboneThere’s the Rusty Trombone (real, and fun), the hilariously-named Throat Swab (real, and as you may remember, we’re fans), the Dirty Sanchez (gross, and I hope mythical), and of course the Ice Cream Stand that I had to really research, since it wasn’t even real enough to be on Urban Dictionary. (I’m certain this was made up by a frat boy somewhere.)

Which brings me to the gift card: In honor of April Fool’s Day and Crazy Sex, it’s our First Annual Sexy Fools Day Contest! Tell us the craziest, most unusual, or most shocking sex position you’ve encountered, done, read about, or heard about by leaving a comment.  Your position can be real or mythical, fact or fantasy, but let us hear it! We’ll pick our favorite on or about April 7th, and the winner gets a $25 gift card from EdenFantasys! It’s that easy!

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  1. It’s not the strangest position ever, but I had a girlfriend who liked to do the rusty trombone.
    which was fine with me.

  2. That’s not an easy question, as it assumes that a) I know the name of positions and b) I remember my exploits — which is especially difficult when one is fucked in subspace.

    So I’d have to say the craziest, most unusual or most shocking position I’ve ever taken on sex is abstinence.

      We have a winner! This is the absolute CRAZIEST thing I’ve ever heard (and yes, done it myself…)

  3. I am a sex blogger. I also like sex very much. I often dogging with girls. I think this sex position (rusty trombone) is the most favorite position to a girl. I have dogging with many girls but I found maximum of them who like rusty trombone.

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