May 032012

I have Daddy issues. All of a sudden. And I like them.
I always thought I wouldn’t be into anything sexual that involved a “Daddy” because, well…I still call(ed) my real-life father “Daddy.” I don’t anymore. I can’t.

I have a new Daddy. Whitman.

After our brief encounter with a young lady looking for a Daddy Dom, Whitman and I gradually came to realize that we found the idea very appealing. We also realized we didn’t need another girl to play that part. This idea has been on the back burner for a couple of topless ruffle pantiesmonths, but it’s been bubbling up and boiling over again suddenly. We’ve had an epiphany of sorts:
Whitman IS my Daddy. This is a totally new dynamic and it’s amazing. It’s sexy, it’s hot, it’s wonderfully fun, and a real turn-on; I’m wet and horny just writing about it.  And get this…even though I normally can’t talk during sex, suddenly, if I’m talking to Daddy I can. I can answer any question, respond to any command, promise him anything.

Even if we’re not really engaging in sexy age-play, I love the feeling I get when Daddy calls me little girl, or babygirl, or of course, princess, in the bedroom or out. When I see Whitman after work, I want to hug him and kiss him and whisper in his ear, “Hi Daddy.” I want to call him Daddy all the time. Names like Sir or Master have always felt contrived and a little cheesy to me.
Calling Whitman Daddy seems like the most natural thing in the world. It’s perfect submission.Racy red riding hood

There have always been some child-like aspects to my personality anyway. For example, even though I’m smart and totally mature, I can be a little naïve, and I take great pleasure in happy things (flowers, kittens, sparkles, shiny iridescent sex toys). Suddenly, though, parts of me are becoming a little more child-like. I really want to wear not just pretty lingerie, but GIRLIE lingerie. Ruffly panties and sparkly costumes, even. I’ve ordered panties, petticoats, and ruffled socks.

I’m dying for this red riding hood dress  to come back in stock.

I know this could be a sexual phase, and it may be something that comes in and out of play for us, but if nothing else, I think the names are here to stay.

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  1. Yay for both of you! “Daddy” also works for S and me when master, sir, etc. seem a little weird. Daddy can be playful, sweet, rough, but always loving. I also never called my own dad Daddy; we just weren’t close like that, so in a way, I never had a “daddy” before. Anyway, I can relate. :) Have fun!

    • Thank you, Lily!
      We’re both really enjoying ourselves. I love the way that ‘Daddy’ can work in any situation. Even something like Japanese Bondage can become, “Daddy wants to play a game.”
      Hot and multi-purpose. I love it!!

  2. That’s so true, some of our clients ask us to call them Daddy – I totally agree with Lily.

    I’m going to recommend this blog to my girls if that’s ok!

    Lots of love xx

  3. Interesting post. I have never wanted to call Sir ‘Daddy’ bit like you I have a Daddy (my father) and I am not looking for another to fuck me…. however, I can completely get the lure of the little girl panties and the sexy dressing up outfits. Now that is HOT!


    • That’s what was so hard for me to reconcile with this Daddy business. It’s not that I actually want to be fucked by my dad, or necessarily want Whitman to pretend to be my dad. But Whitman is definitely like a Daddy figure in many ways. That’s why it started seeming weird to call my own father ‘Daddy’ anymore — it’s become a sexy term of endearment. Definitely NOT something I want to call my dad!

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