Mar 312011

I miss my lover.

Whitman and I are in a “some distance” relationship. It’s not exactly LONG long-distance, but we are definitely separated by time, place, and other people.  For years it was even more so…we only saw each other occasionally…maybe once a month or so. That’s recently changed, and we’re spending mad amounts of time together these days. It’s heavenly.

While we’ve been able to spend much more time together lately than we’ve ever  been able to, I’m alone tonight.

I remember this feeling all too well, and I don’t like it.

Hurry back to me, my sexy man!!

Mar 312011

As Whitman has mentioned, we had a fun time with the Easy Breezy Kit from Good Vibes. At the end of his tale, he mentioned that when he was done with me, I “started on him” and “that’s another post.” It is indeed another post, and here it is!

Easy Breezy After he’d made me cum with the Easy Glider knobby vibrator (that looks like a big candy pop), I said, “I think it looks like it would feel good in your ass. YOUR ass, not mine.”

I was sort of kidding, and really just HOPING he’d let me play with his ass again. It’s been a while, and I DO love to pleasure him that way.
I was in luck!

Whitman said, “Go ahead,” handed it to me, and I went to work. I used the Please cream lube all on the tip of the vibe and also drizzled it on Whitman’s balls and let it run down onto his ass. I slid the vibe in…the first knob was easy. I pushed on and the second knob popped in. I was worried about the third, but it was soon also enveloped in Whitman’s ass. I was SO TURNED ON by being able to do this for him.  His dick was hard, my cunt was wet, and I was salivating for his big hard cock. I turned the vibrator on low and he groaned, I turned it up and he groaned louder in pleasure. I reached up to stroke his cock, which was dripping with pre-cum.

I was kneeling between his legs, which I find amazingly hot, but when he turned over to his hands and knees so that I could milk his cock with a good downstroke and lick his balls all at the same time I was vibrating his prostate???

I thought I would cum without even touching myself. I licked, and stroked, and twisted the vibrator around until Whitman couldn’t take it any more. As he moaned with pleasure, he rolled onto his back again. I stroked him with my left hand, rolled the candy-pop vibrator around with my right, and licked anything I could with my tongue. Finally, he put his hands over mine, and together we stroked his raging hard on until he came…of course, I licked him clean.

Then I thanked him for letting me play.

Mar 302011

I’ve got a friend (mentioned here) who doesn’t get any blowjobs. Ever.
My friend (formerly friend with benefits) LIKES blowjobs, so this has to suck for him.
(or wait…NOT suck for him! heh heh) He met a girl, fell in love I assume, asked her to marry him, and now a few years later they have a somewhat open relationship, BUT she doesn’t like giving head. Hmmmm…what’s wrong with this story?

I can’t imagine this. I can’t imagine not liking or LOVING to give blowjobs, for one, but what I REALLY can’t imagine is living in a relationship that doesn’t involve oral sex. Giving or receiving.

circle oral

I asked him about it, and he said, “Well, now she can’t complain that I don’t go down on her anymore. She also doesn’t care if someone else gives me a blow job.” I admit it. I’m boggled. For me, this would be a total dealbreaker. There is NO WAY I would stay in a relationship like this, open or not.

Maybe something is wrong with me because I think that oral sex can be a great way to show someone how much I love them.
Of course, it can also just be a great way to show my love of oral sex! :)

Mar 302011

We both saw the box, sitting there, just waiting to see who would get to it first. We get a fair amount of boxes but the timing of the arrival of this box was just about right. Finally we got into Easy Breezy Kitthe bedroom, and opened the box.

Once again our sexy friends at Good Vibrations have surprised us with a little kit that is definitely, a good vibration, and then some. At first SexFairy and I thought, “oh GOD not another vibrator”. But the balance of the kit looked appealing so we went for it. This is their Easy Breezy Kit, which consists of the Easy Glider Vibrator, a  Rub Me Massage Bar, Please Cream Lubricant, an Ignite Me Massage Candle, and of course, 2 AA Batteries! [Every active sex toy  couple needs more batteries.]

I went to put the batteries into the vibrator while SF started exploring the other items. We were both intrigued by the Rub Me Massage Bar. It’s a little over 2 inches round across, feels kind of greasy to the touch, and has a nice very light nonspecific fragrance.  I started rubbing it on SF’s upper chest, and started removing her top for better access. Soon I had it all over her body. It made her skin slightly shimmery but didn’t feel greasy at all. More like a thin coat of massage oil, only in a bar shape so WAY less messy. She was moaning away as I played with all her parts.

The candle had been burning for a few minutes now and as a good DOM I held her pussy in my one hand as I dripped the wax onto her breasts. This is soy wax, so it’s not super hot like a Kitregular candle, and it doesn’t stick either. In fact after letting it drip on her I could spread it around her chest and the soy was absorbed into her skin. There was no sticky wax stuck to her as we are accustomed to. Perfect temperature, rubs in, no mess, and super sexy smelling. We definitely want more of these!  [Be aware that the soy wax stays liquid for much longer than regular candle paraffin. Something we found out when SF went to pick up the candle a while after we had blew it out, and the soy wax dripped onto the keyboard.]

Having properly gotten her ready, I put took the Please Cream Lubricant and put some on her now wet pussy, properly rubbed it around, and then dripped it all over the Easy Glider Vibrator. The Lubricant is fine. It does what is says. The smell is not what you’d called sexy, a more generic cream smell in white. I didn’t think it would work as a lubricant (much like regular skin cream) but it certainly served the purpose as I started rubbing the vibrator against her pussy. EASY GLIDER

Sex Fairy’s head started leaning back in ecstasy as I rubbed it up and down, from her clit to her ass. The really nice aspect of this vibrator is the curves. As I rubbed it between her legs, the curves or bumps played against her parts. Inserting it into her pussy allowed me to use the curves to provide extra stimulation against her pelvic bone and gspot. The vibrations go from nice, slow and thumpy to a bit wild, though never extreme. It wasn’t long before she came, and came hard.

Next, she started on me. But we’ll leave that for another post.

Mar 292011

From our Tumblr site at it’s Top Tumblr Tuesday #3.

I tumbled it originally and Sex Fairy selected it for this week. I couldn’t agree more.


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Mar 272011

An assortment of photos from our recent Spring Break 2011 trip.
You’ll see girls in bikinis, boys with beers and sunburns, a sunset, and the biggest tits on the beach.

We just got back from “Spring Break 2011” in a very ‘classic’ Spring Break town. We’re not in college. We’re not even in our twenties. But for a couple of days, it’s like we WERE!
Well, sort of.

What a blast! Whitman and I saw SO MANY bad sunburns (lotsa’ kids from Wisconsin in town), so many bikinis, a couple of boys in socks on the beach, and one boy in COWBOY BOOTS on the beach. There were hot bodies everywhere, free t-shirts galore, and beer. Lots of beer.

We saw students funneling beer on the beach, playing beer pong on the beach, and well, what the hell…we even PLAYED beer pong with some students on the beach! We made some friends, got some sun, and took LOTS of photos. Totally a BEACH BLAST!

You can see the photos in a larger slide show on our new YouTube site here:

Mar 252011

I like to drink. I love to have a glass of wine while cooking, or a cocktail after work.
Or a few glasses, maybe.

Whitman likes to drink. Same thing. Cocktail hour, wine with dinner, etc.
Or cocktail “hours,” that is.


Somehow, when we’re together, it seems like I get “DRUNKER” than usual. I think he does, too.
I don’t think that I actually drink that much MORE.
Maybe I’m love-drunk. Maybe he fucks me until I FEEL drunk.
Maybe the sum of the two of us together equals more drunky-ness than each of us individually.

So, during ‘cocktail hours,’ just like in the rest of our life together…the two of us together are SO MUCH MORE than we are by ourselves. I love it.
Is it five o’clock yet?

Mar 242011

This little Dreamy-G Mini G-Spot Vibrator from Good Vibrations is not only cute, but it’s got a great buzz, powered by just one AA battery. The intent of the little hook on this toy is for g-spot stimulation, but it didn’t really “hit the spot” for me. I loved it externally, though. I REALLY LOVED IT!

dreamy g

We spent an afternoon playing with some new toys recently, and I found the clitoral stimulation to be VERY ENTERTAINING as Whitman rubbed it all around my wet pussy lips. He did note that with lube on his hands, the dial was hard to grip for adjustment of the variable-speed buzz. It was also hard for him to tell which way the g-spot knob was pointing once it was inserted (this may be why it didn’t ‘hit the spot’ for me). Aside from those minor considerations, we thought this was a fun addition to our toy kit. The “just a handful” size is perfect, and the velvet-cote texture feels amazing. I can’t wait to try it again on my own and see if I have better aim!



The Dreamy-G has four wavy inches of insertable length and is a nice chubby vibe. It’s also small enough to travel easily in your purse or overnight bag. Thanks again to the awesome sexy folks at Good Vibrations for sending us this toy to review!

Mar 232011

“You can’t clean up a LOVEGASM. It just spurts all over the place!” lovegasm


Mar 222011

A weekly post highlighting either our favorite, or most popular photo from our site.

Here is our Top Tumblr Tuesday #2. I shot this on our Spring Break trip  and it totally expresses the joyous sexy photo op fuck yeahness of the place.

SpringBreak 2011

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