Mar 312011

As Whitman has mentioned, we had a fun time with the Easy Breezy Kit from Good Vibes. At the end of his tale, he mentioned that when he was done with me, I “started on him” and “that’s another post.” It is indeed another post, and here it is!

Easy Breezy After he’d made me cum with the Easy Glider knobby vibrator (that looks like a big candy pop), I said, “I think it looks like it would feel good in your ass. YOUR ass, not mine.”

I was sort of kidding, and really just HOPING he’d let me play with his ass again. It’s been a while, and I DO love to pleasure him that way.
I was in luck!

Whitman said, “Go ahead,” handed it to me, and I went to work. I used the Please cream lube all on the tip of the vibe and also drizzled it on Whitman’s balls and let it run down onto his ass. I slid the vibe in…the first knob was easy. I pushed on and the second knob popped in. I was worried about the third, but it was soon also enveloped in Whitman’s ass. I was SO TURNED ON by being able to do this for him.  His dick was hard, my cunt was wet, and I was salivating for his big hard cock. I turned the vibrator on low and he groaned, I turned it up and he groaned louder in pleasure. I reached up to stroke his cock, which was dripping with pre-cum.

I was kneeling between his legs, which I find amazingly hot, but when he turned over to his hands and knees so that I could milk his cock with a good downstroke and lick his balls all at the same time I was vibrating his prostate???

I thought I would cum without even touching myself. I licked, and stroked, and twisted the vibrator around until Whitman couldn’t take it any more. As he moaned with pleasure, he rolled onto his back again. I stroked him with my left hand, rolled the candy-pop vibrator around with my right, and licked anything I could with my tongue. Finally, he put his hands over mine, and together we stroked his raging hard on until he came…of course, I licked him clean.

Then I thanked him for letting me play.

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