Apr 072012

imagesmall tits topless cam girlSexFairy and I are drinking (gin and tonic for her and bourbon for me) and watching MyFreeCams together. Girls & women, naked and dressed, English speakers and not so English speakers. We are seeing who is cute, who is funny, who is sad, who has nice tits, who has weird implants, and on, and on.

We see this one girl with very small tits, who makes a joke about her “very large tits” which you can see, aren’t. But to both of us, her small breasts are very sexy.

I say to SexFairy “I’d do her” to which SexFairy responds, “it’s not like she’s in a special club”. Because, as SexFairy observes, I Whitman, would “fuck a lot of women”. Which is true, but only if SexFairy is with me.

Volunteers? (Women for me please…Men apply separately to SexFairy directly)

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