Mar 242011

This little Dreamy-G Mini G-Spot Vibrator from Good Vibrations is not only cute, but it’s got a great buzz, powered by just one AA battery. The intent of the little hook on this toy is for g-spot stimulation, but it didn’t really “hit the spot” for me. I loved it externally, though. I REALLY LOVED IT!

dreamy g

We spent an afternoon playing with some new toys recently, and I found the clitoral stimulation to be VERY ENTERTAINING as Whitman rubbed it all around my wet pussy lips. He did note that with lube on his hands, the dial was hard to grip for adjustment of the variable-speed buzz. It was also hard for him to tell which way the g-spot knob was pointing once it was inserted (this may be why it didn’t ‘hit the spot’ for me). Aside from those minor considerations, we thought this was a fun addition to our toy kit. The “just a handful” size is perfect, and the velvet-cote texture feels amazing. I can’t wait to try it again on my own and see if I have better aim!



The Dreamy-G has four wavy inches of insertable length and is a nice chubby vibe. It’s also small enough to travel easily in your purse or overnight bag. Thanks again to the awesome sexy folks at Good Vibrations for sending us this toy to review!