Mar 272011

An assortment of photos from our recent Spring Break 2011 trip.
You’ll see girls in bikinis, boys with beers and sunburns, a sunset, and the biggest tits on the beach.

We just got back from “Spring Break 2011” in a very ‘classic’ Spring Break town. We’re not in college. We’re not even in our twenties. But for a couple of days, it’s like we WERE!
Well, sort of.

What a blast! Whitman and I saw SO MANY bad sunburns (lotsa’ kids from Wisconsin in town), so many bikinis, a couple of boys in socks on the beach, and one boy in COWBOY BOOTS on the beach. There were hot bodies everywhere, free t-shirts galore, and beer. Lots of beer.

We saw students funneling beer on the beach, playing beer pong on the beach, and well, what the hell…we even PLAYED beer pong with some students on the beach! We made some friends, got some sun, and took LOTS of photos. Totally a BEACH BLAST!

You can see the photos in a larger slide show on our new YouTube site here:

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  1. I don’t even UNDERSTAND some of those sunburns. WTF?

  2. I remember many moons ago a friend of mine went on holiday and on her first day there fell asleep on the beach, when she woke up she had burnt herself apart from the perfect handprint on the top of her thigh where here hand had rested whilst she slept. It showed for most of the time she was away, not matter how much sun she tried to give it, it would not go…….short skirts can be a bitch sometimes I guess….


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