Jun 132012

Did you read about the couple who got busted in the middle of a blow job at a Cirque du Soleil show in California? I read this and get a little nostalgic for that “OMG, Whitman, I just can’t go another minute without your cock in my mouth!” feeling. Ahhh, new love. Explosive lust. Oh, wait…I still have that feeling quite often, so it’s not really nostalgia, I just miss Whitman. And his cock.  He’s out of town,  and I DO wish he  would get home so we can discuss this public blow job scandal further. (Neither of us leans too much towards public sex, so I don’t see us recreating this scene any time soon.)


Reading this story does lead me to a couple of thoughts:

  • Why on Earth would someone pay SO MUCH MONEY to see a show, then not watch it? Cirque du Soleil could easily be $120 each! (although I’m guessing this crew was in the cheap seats)
  • These people are US Border Patrol Agents. Who do they think they are? The Secret Service??!

self blow job