May 182012

monica lewinskyLunch at my desk today. (Always a bad idea.)

I’m wearing a new dress. It’s cute, it’s summery, it’s blue. It now has spaghetti sauce on it.

SexFairy: Just splashed red sauce on my blue dress. :(  and grrr at myself.
Whitman: that dress is begging to be stained, isn’t it, Miss Lewinsky?
SexFairy: I can think of better ways than pasta to stain this dress, Mr. President!

Oct 182011

Whitman doesn’t often cover me in cum. He did last night.

After some fairly gentle ‘corrections’ of my behavior, I was trying so hard to swallow Whitman’s cock, but I couldn’t take it all. It was exceptionally long, and ROCK HARD. As a matter of fact, the inside of my lip is pinched in two places from being squeezed between a cock and a hard place (namely, my teeth).

I rode his cock, facing his thigh, trying desperately to rub my clit on him to cum. He caught on to this trick rather quickly, and his command not to cum only made me want it more. Reverse cowgirl came with a new set of instructions. Whitman’s extra-hot directive to put my legs UNDER his legs while fucking him was so brilliant. It allowed him to have SUCH DEEP penetration – it felt amazing, but left me nothing to rub against.

He finally pulled me off of him, positioned me on my back, and holding my thighs and ass in the air, he fucked me, and I fucked him back as hard as I could. I wanted his whole self inside of me, not just his cock. (Obviously that didn’t happen.)

I saw his orgasm impending by the look on his face, and I felt it  coming as his cock throbbed inside of me. He pulled out. He sprayed me from my pelvis to my collarbones with his warm slippery jizz. I ran my hands up and down my body smearing it everywhere and it just. kept. coming. Afterward, I was so happy to sleep covered in him.


End result: I am SO HORNY TODAY. My breasts are aching, and my cunt is throbbing and soaking wet. I’m not allowed to masturbate until he tells me, and I don’t know when that will be. I need him to fuck me again, but I know that when he returns I will be teased mercilessly and spanked “until his arm grows tired” and be denied his beautiful cock.  Is it time yet??

Mar 192011

It occurred to me the other day that I’ve always heard semen referred to as being salty.  You know, all the “salty” double entendres and such.
Ohhh, I DO love salt.
I’m salt’s #1 fan.


HOWEVER, I’ve NEVER tasted salty semen, and I’ve tasted plenty of it in my life! I love to do everything right, and I always wanted to give the BEST. BLOW JOB. EVER. Part of my quest was swallowing, starting with my very first blowjob, and I’ve never stopped. So yes, I know what a mouthful of jizz tastes like.

Every man tastes different. Generally, I find cum slightly soapy tasting or even bitter sometimes. The only thing I’ve ever noted to be salty is sweat, so balls taste salty sometimes, or even the cock itself.
Not cum.

I always love it, that’s not the issue. I love to suck cock, and I love to swallow. I just wonder where the salty rumor got started…anybody out there ever had saltwater cum??

(I told Whitman that I’ve had a banana taste like semen before, and he said, “You mean semen that tasted like banana?” I said, “Yeah, right! Wouldn’t THAT be nice?!”)