Apr 242013

I, Whitman, was out of town last night on some very mundane family business. SexFairy was home alone last night, which gives her some time to catch up on reading and missing me.

I came home this afternoon. SexFairy is still at work. I found this magazine page open on our bed.

I fantasize about other men all the time

The article was titled “Her Darkest (and hottest) Sex Secrets Revealed.”

Coincidence? Is she trying to tell me something?

We occasionally role play during sex, which is like pretending to be something, or someone, you aren’t. Isn’t it? But is that the same as “fantasizing about other men?” I don’t think so. It’s still me, even if I am in a tie being the stern teacher with a paddle.

I have sometimes encouraged SexFairy to flirt with other men, and women of course. But in our current relationship, she’s never fucked another man. I have watched her get fucked by another man, but as I was fucking another woman at the same time, that’s not quite the same. Once, knowing she was meeting an old boyfriend for a drink, told her I wanted her to kiss him in the parking lot. She says she did.

In her life before me, her husband at the time would bring other men home and let them have sex with her. I think she really enjoyed that, and while I’ve suggested it in play, she has never taken me up on it. We have had quite a few MFF threesomes, but never a MMF threesome.

Then again, maybe she doesn’t want me and another man, maybe she just wants a different man, meaning one who isn’t me. I doubt it, but if she did, I’d probably be okay with it. I want her to have everything and everyone in the world she wants to. That’s how much I love her. As long as she comes back to me, because I’d miss her. Oh, and I hope she’ll wash his cum out of her hair first.

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