Apr 222011

SexFairy had messaged an outgoing and sexy young female friend of hers, Maria, asking if she was available for the coming weekend. We met her at a bar in the middle of nowhere, shared a the real Mariafew drinks, and then went back to Maria’s place. After a bit of casual chatting, the three of us are lounging on Maria’s bed when Maria asks me to read some porn off her phone.

I put on my sexiest voice, and started reading the story. As soon as I start, Maria grabs SexFairy, flips her onto her back, pulls up her dress and immediately dives into licking SexFairy’s pussy. I keep reading. The moans right next to me are getting louder as the girls are getting more naked. Soon enough, I can’t read anymore.

I stand up and take off my clothes. With Sex Fairy on her back with her head off the edge of the bed, I hold her legs up high and tight watching Maria licking and sucking away on SexFairy’s pussy. I lean over SexFairy and join Maria licking SexFairy’s wet pussy. Our tongues intertwine as we pleasure each other.

I then get up, and as I do, Maria wraps her legs around SexFairy’s scissor style, pulls her in, and they start Tribbing. Now for those few out there, who don’t know, Tribbing, or Tribadism, is when two women rub their pussies together, usually with their legs intertwined like scissors.  Maria was in the dominant position grinding her shaved pussy into SexFairy’s. Lesbian Tribbing videoIf you have never watched two girls doing this in front of you, then I feel very sorry for you. It was amazing. I just stood there, erection in hand, watching them rub away. They were tribbing for a good five minutes. Incredible.

Click on the photo to the right to see the video, which was fairly close to what I watched in person.                                 VIDEO >>>>>>>>>>>

Maria hopped off SexFairy leaving her still on her back with her pussy massaged pussy open and ready for me. I get on top and start fucking away. As I do, Maria from behind us, sticks a finger in both of our asses. Maria does like fingering ass, and never having had that done while fucking, was an extra treat.

more TribbingWe flip SexFairy around and back Maria goes to licking her pussy. Well seeing Maria’s lovely naked ass upright I could help but take her from behind. So I am now fucking Maria, while Maria is licking Sex Fairy.

Keeping up?

Maria moves to lies down on her back and instructs SexFairy to sit on her face. Of course SF does, being obedient in all sexual situations. So now I see Maria’s bare pussy and start sliding my tongue up and down her, while she’s doing the same to SexFairy. My cock is so rock hard I need to put it somewhere so I straddle Maria’s tits, sliding  up behind SexFairy, who is still sitting  upright on Maria’s face. I slide my cock into SexFairy’s pussy, while Maria licks the front. The oddness of this position causes my cock to slip out and it’s soon in Maria’s mouth, under SexFairy’s soaking pussy. And my ass is sliding across Maria’s ample tits.

We all collapse in eager smiles. I can’t wait to do it again. Soon.

Apr 092011

As I have been developing the whole NaughtyPoint system, I realized that not only could I assign points for transgressions, but I could additionally use them as incentive to encourage SexFairy to accomplish certain goals.

A primary goal of mine, and less of hers, is to include other people in our sexual adventures. Since it’s less of a desire for her, I came up with a NaughtyPoint strategy. For the first month we don’t include another person(s) in our sex play, she gets assigned one point. If we reach the end of the second month, she will be assigned two additional points. Third month, three additional points. The math therefore could lead her to accumulate FIVE NaughtyPoints over three months from sheer lack of motivation and action.

Now being a good obedient SexFairy, she has no desire to accumulate points (unlike some sexually submissive women we know, ahem, Molly, aka digging yourself a hole).

Megan Fox Hell Yes
Yesterday, SexFairy started a flirty text with a sexy younger friend of hers. Let’s just say, by sometime after midnight, SexFairy had her “other people” Naughty Points reset back to zero for May.

The details of THAT sexual adventure, I’ll save for a second post, which I guarantee will be far hotter, with far less math, outside of M + F + F = :)

PS – if anyone would like to contribute their time and energy, and some sweat and heavy breathing, to assist SexFairy in avoiding these NaughtyPoints, please don’t hesitate to let us know. It’s for a good cause after all.