Apr 042011

I have become painfully aware that SexFairy has been faltering. She has been disagreeing with me. Questioning my decisions. Saying “no” to my suggestions. Not opening her legs or mouth as I expect. Look at our last couple posts, where I have a little fun and she “doesn’t like it”.

My drink coasterHENCE:

The time has come, or rather is overdue, for her to be retrained.

“You are expected to be obedient, subservient, and compliant.
When I feel you are violating that expectation, I will assign points,
known as Naughty Points, which will result in punishments. 
Punishments may come in the form of physical punishments
or denying you things like food, air, pleasure, including orgasms,Punishment
or humiliating you, in private or in public,
or in granting you sexually to others,
or by forcing you to watch me with others,
all, as I wish.

Points will only be reduced through punishment, at the time and place

of my choosing. Any positive actions by you will not reduce your point
count and will have no effect on the punishment level applied.”


SexFairy has accumulated four points this morning.

  • for saying she didn’t want to wear nipple jewelry in public because “it might look funny”
  • for saying my assignment of points is “no fair!”
  • for responding to an instruction with “okay” rather than “yes sir”
  • for replying to one of my suggestions by starting with the word “But….”


I will see about putting a running tab on the blog showing her point level. When punishments occur reducing her points, we will put up a post, detailing the event, because what good is punishment if everyone else can’t enjoy it too?

Now to what extent points translate into punishment, I have yet to quite determine. But I hope SexFairy learns to submit herself better. And then again, I kind of hope she doesn’t.

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  1. I just love that pic of the girl tied to the wire fence. It has everything from dominance to exhibitionism.


    • I liked it too, Sue. Click on the photo. It now links to the full size image, for your viewing pleasure :)

      And welcome!

  2. Ohhhhh dear sex fairy, you are in trouble now…… I have endured the point system in the past, and I managed to accumulate 2700 points at one point as they could only be ‘paid’ in person. When we were together he asked me to choose options 1, 2, or 3. Once I had chosen option he 3 he then told me that…. Option 1 = 2700 spanks Option 2 = 270 with the belt and option 3 = 27 with the whip. He then asked me if I wanted to change my choice……I said no…….

    *note to sex fairy… watch out for ‘it’s not fair’ and also I have found muttering the words… ‘meany peany’ can be a mistake too….LOL

    I am soooo hoping my Sir doesn’t read this for both our sakes as I suspect it could result in Whitman and Him exchanging evil…opss, I mean….lovely ideas


    • I AM in trouble now. Quite a bit, actually, without even realizing it!!
      You’re right, I think these gentlemen have enough LOVELY ideas on their own!

      • I have found to my cost that when Dom’s start talking to each other it can only lead to bad things happening…. ;)


  3. So molly directed me here to read this thread because she is a “good girl”
    My comment to this as is always “good girls get spanked, bad girls get punished”

    After reading these comment and listening to what molly is up to right now (gmail chat)
    I think the point system is ready to make a return for molly
    Just so SF doesn’t feel alone… molly now has the exact number of points as SF does… -1 for being a “good girl”"

    Thanks for reminding me that I may have been to lax of late with my sub… I have been a bit too focused on all the details that need to be arrange for me to be by her side and work off these new points

    Cheers (from a soon to be Expat)

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