Apr 092011

As I have been developing the whole NaughtyPoint system, I realized that not only could I assign points for transgressions, but I could additionally use them as incentive to encourage SexFairy to accomplish certain goals.

A primary goal of mine, and less of hers, is to include other people in our sexual adventures. Since it’s less of a desire for her, I came up with a NaughtyPoint strategy. For the first month we don’t include another person(s) in our sex play, she gets assigned one point. If we reach the end of the second month, she will be assigned two additional points. Third month, three additional points. The math therefore could lead her to accumulate FIVE NaughtyPoints over three months from sheer lack of motivation and action.

Now being a good obedient SexFairy, she has no desire to accumulate points (unlike some sexually submissive women we know, ahem, Molly, aka digging yourself a hole).

Megan Fox Hell Yes
Yesterday, SexFairy started a flirty text with a sexy younger friend of hers. Let’s just say, by sometime after midnight, SexFairy had her “other people” Naughty Points reset back to zero for May.

The details of THAT sexual adventure, I’ll save for a second post, which I guarantee will be far hotter, with far less math, outside of M + F + F = :)

PS – if anyone would like to contribute their time and energy, and some sweat and heavy breathing, to assist SexFairy in avoiding these NaughtyPoints, please don’t hesitate to let us know. It’s for a good cause after all.