Mar 252013

tumblr_m9vshxB3mW1rnr6seo1_400The past few weekends seem to have involved things to do or people to see that weren’t each other. We’ve been together, but haven’t had any really significant time to be dirty with each other. This last weekend we knew we’d have some time and my head(s) were full of ideas. The plan was we’d start our games Saturday morning  and she could put my cock into it’s cock cage early on, to keep me well motivated for quite a few hours, until she unlocked it. Everything else was up to me.

I was lying next to SexFairy in bed this last Friday evening, around 8 pm. We had already eaten dinner and she was talking on the phone to a friend. So I sent her the following email:

Subject: Instructions for the weekend.

Agree without hesitation.
Don’t argue.
Yes sir or yes daddy.
Always say thank you. Even if you aren’t sure you want it. Especially because you are going to receive it anyway.
If you don’t know what’s next, just kneel at my feet and wait.
Should you need something, like a bathroom break, kiss my feet and ask, but do not look me in the eyes.
The only thing you control is when to unlock my cock.
Always have on something sexy and change often.
Wear slutty makeup.
Smell nice.
You are my whore. Show constantly you know that.
And finally, I may decide to punish you, just because. Don’t ask why.

Be my good girl.

She woke up so horny, she was sitting on top of my hard cock before I was even fully awake. It was a very very good morning.

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