Jan 152013

I know we’ve been kind of quiet lately. That doesn’t mean good and sexy things aren’t happening. There are so many new good stories to tell.

sexy kittenOn a quick catch up note, our girlfriend Kitten decided that she didn’t want to be having sex with other people besides her main boyfriend. We’ve never met him, and probably never will, but he sounds like a nice guy. So when we hadn’t heard from Kitten for a little while, we asked her what was up. Essentially Kitten has committed herself to one man, for the moment. Her boyfriend.

Now that doesn’t mean Kitten and SexFairy won’t ever play together again, but certainly not as much. I am always happy to make the girls drinks, while they lick each others pussies, and just admire from across the room. Cause I’m a nice guy, that way.

Since then we have found a new girlfriend, but more about her another time. I’m one lucky fucker.

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