Jul 292011

Wet Synergy +Cool TingleCarrying on in my lubricant research, I decided to check out Wet Synergy +Cool Tingle lubricant from Good Vibrations. They get an honest review of their product, and I get to try a new lube. Win / Win, right?! Wet Synergy is a hybrid lubricant, combining water and silicone based lubes for the best of both. (This does mean you “shouldn’t use this with your silicone toys”, but we did, and they’re still intact. So are we.)

I’ve always said “I don’t like tingle lubes and lotions,” “I don’t like warming lubes and lotions,” “I don’t like cooling lubes and lotions.” Always. They burn. They especially burn my delicate ladybits. The ones that don’t DON’T burn don’t really feel like ANYTHING. It’s becoming apparent to me that I need to quit making blanket statements like this, because I always end up being WRONG!

This “tingle” lubricant was no such thing. It was definitely COOLING, and had a great minty fresh smell, a lot like toothpaste. The cooling, however, wasn’t an ‘icy-hot’ feeling like so many cooling lubes have. It was really COOL. The ingredients include peppermint, and I’m guessing that’s the secret – peppermint, not menthol, which DOES burn.

+Cool is thick and rich; it doesn’t run or drip. The best part, though, is the taste! I’ve always ALSO said, “I don’t like flavored lubes.” That’s for no reason other than they taste gross. I like the way cock tastes. No need to cover it up. HOWEVER, once again, I have to eat my words along with Whitman’s cock, because, YUM! This lube tastes like minty-fresh mouthwash, or even doublemint gum. Whitman said it was like eating pussy and getting a mouthwash at the same time! I thought it was like licking a big candy-cane-cock!

Overall, this was a wonderful lubricant for toy play, his and hers handjobs, oral sex, and intercourse. It was minty fresh, non-drippy, non-staining, tastes great, smells great, doesn’t burn, and at about $7 for a 1.9 ounce bottle, it’s a good buy, too.

Jul 282011

IMG_4424sex toy boxessex toy boxes

We get a lot of packages in the mail. These packages are mostly sex toys. Thank goodness for EdenFantasys and their TOTALLY discreet shipping!! None of my teenagers has ever asked what could possibly be in these boxes that arrive almost daily. Wouldn’t YOU want to know if your mom got 4 or 5 packages in ONE WEEK from “Web Merchants, Inc.?” EdenFantasys advertises themselves as ‘the sex shop you can trust’ and it’s true. Their billing and their shipping are always totally discreet. Their customer service rocks, and you can’t beat all of the REAL REVIEWS of toys on their site!! It’s a vicious cycle. The more I read, the more I want!

Whitman and I don’t live together. The mail comes here, to me, from EdenFantasys and whatever other stores are in the mix.  I always wait until I see him to open the boxes. Some weeks there are a lot, some weeks not so much. This week has been a boom week,with a package arriving almost every day so far. I know what’s in all of those boxes up there, and even though sometimes I think of opening them, when they arrive, I always wait. It’s so much more fun to open them together! I just smile and place them on the shelf. When we are together, we’ll hop on the bed and he’ll open them, and we’ll both peer inside for a peek of what’s new. Then we’ll Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys storeplay.

I want him to hurry up, though. There are a couple of nifty new silicone vibrators to try, and those will be fun, I’m sure. The package that arrived today, though, holds the golden ticket! It’s a LEATHER STRAP ON HARNESS!!  I am so excited and hope that Whitman will let me give him some anal pleasure this weekend. (Are you reading this, Whitman?? Pleeeeeease???)

Jul 082011

I really want to buy Whitman a new toy. I want to buy him a ‘male masturbator’ toy to be a little more specific about it. It’s for his “personal” time obviously, but as I’ve mentioned, I have recently become fascinated by watching him masturbate. It makes me wet just to think of him thrusting his cock into one of these toys.

I looked at EdenFantasys, and I’m a little overwhelmed by all the types of man-toys! I’m not even counting prostate massagers, cock rings, and the like. I’m focusing on masturbation toys right now. They seem to fall into a few basic categories: “realistic” body part masturbator toys, the Fleshlight, other sleeve-type toys (how ‘pocket pussies’ and ‘masturbation sleeves’ are different is beyond me, so I’m lumping them together here), and the hands-free Cobra Libre.

There’s a lot I DON’T KNOW about man toys, but here are a few things I DO KNOW:

I know he mentioned the Cobra Libre HANDS-FREE masturbator in an earlier post. I know he’s still intrigued by it. The reviews are all over the place, however, and it’s pretty expensive. It vibrates the head, but there’s no room to thrust. Whitman is a thruster.

I know he already HAS a Fleshlight. It’s a bit cumbersome. OBVIOUSLY another one would be a little redundant.

I know the Tenga FlipHole FEELS SO GOOD! We poked our fingers in, rubbed on, and generally thoroughly played with one or two of these the last time we were at a sex store. The Tenga silicone just feels so amazingly yummy. We have Tenga eggs and love the way they feel. I want a penis so that I can use this.

I ALSO know that I’m not interested in buying a “realistic body part” masturbation toy. It’s unnecessary. He has the most realistic body-part fuck toy ever.  ME.
Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Jun 302011

…that DOUBLES AS JEWELRY?!  Good Vibrations sent me these really cool vibrating accessories, and I was more than happy to try them out.

rose with a weenisI’m a collector of “big” rings anyway, so I was thrilled to see the Rumblin’ Rose Waterproof Ring Vibrator in my mailbox. My Rumblin’ Rose “Gossip Ring by Hustler Toys” is a 1.5” red TPR rose (also available in purple). I love the size and style of this ring in general, but when you add in the little tiny bullet vibe that’s (mostly) hidden in the center?? I love it even more! Unfortunately the vibe pokes out from behind the rose just a liiiiitle too much for me to feel comfortable wearing it for everyday wear. I can just imagine the curiosity of the folks at my office: “Why does your ring have a little weenis?” This ring would be great to wear out at night to a dark club for a little secret titillation of your date, or wear it to a sexy party of any sort!

The ring arrives with the batteries (watch batteries) installed. I thought at first that my push-button one-speed microbullet was defective, because it didn’t work right away, but LO AND BEHOLD, when unscrewed, there was a little protective paper that needed to be removed. This wasn’t really noted on the packaging, and there wasn’t a tab hanging out of the battery compartment, so consider yourself warned: if you buy this ring, don’t forget to activate it! This toy is soft, flexible, and with a little lube, just the right size and sensation to tickle my clit. It’s a perfect warm up.

I also received the Pirates Pendant Vibrator. CUTE! Available in black or copper, my black pendant is going to get a lot of use. Although the necklace is a sexy toy marketed as part of the “Pirates” porn series, it is totally suited for daily wear. IMG_4187The pendant itself is about the size of my thumb, and is embossed with ‘pirate-y’ designs all the way around the smooth matte finish. It is stylish, and looks like an unusual “statement necklace.” The ball chain is 27” long and is also a matte black. The good part of this necklace, though, is the powerful hidden vibrator!  The tiny nub near the top of the pendant not only attaches is to the chain, but controls the FIVE-SPEED vibe. Yes, FIVE different speed and vibration patterns are right there all the time! Increase the speed or change the pulsing by repeatedly pushing the button. You do, however, have to cycle through all five to get to “off.”

By the way, in answer to the “Who needs jewelry?” question — ME! I do love sex toys, but in NO WAY are toys a replacement for real jewelry! ;)


Jun 032011

Once we were both home, we walked out to the pool. Now this is a somewhat public pool and  we were still dressed from work. However it was quiet that night and we were both feeling a bit frisky. We both stripped by the side of the pool and got in. The water felt great swirling around my free cock, and I noticed SexFairy’s nipples getting extra perky. I preferred to think of this as due to her state or arousal but in fairness it was more likely the cool temperature of the water. I  on the other hand found my erection growing. This of course was helped along by her hands gently stroking it under the water.

We stayed in about 10 minutes, enjoying the sensation of skinny dipping greatly. That and the threat of being found out made it even more exciting. Of course after playing with each other under the water, we were more than ready to head in for some more private play time.

Recently we acquired a new toy. Now often a toy is either for her (think vibrator), or for me (think masturbator sleeve), or for one of us to use on the other (crops, cuffs, collars). This toy was different. It is meant to work for both of us at the same time. I’m talking about a GalPal, which is a double ended dildo, or more specifically,   a strapless gal pal strapless strap-on Dildo strap-on dildo.

Think of a gun shape, only made of silicone and meant to go in your ass. The idea is that a female puts the short thicker  end(about 3 inches) in her pussy, and while squeezing to keep it in place, then inserts the other end into either another woman’s pussy or ass, or a man’s ass (about 7 inches). Well that night there was only the two of us, and as I don’t have a pussy to keep it in place, she got to, well, drive.

First I did a little cleaning of my posterior, inside and out. We find this not only gets out everything  you’d rather not see in your bedroom, it also lubes me and helps open my ass up for her.

SexFairy spent a nice amount of time first sucking my cock, then fingering my ass and getting it nicely lubed up and open. I was lying on my back as she put the short end of the GalPal into her pussy, and then inserted the longer end into my ass. I will say it didn’t feel so bad. While I’m am 100% straight, there is something nice about having my ass and prostate played with. Check out my older post OMFG – prostate massage!

Now with me on my back, SexFairy was having difficulty penetrating as easily (deeply and quickly) as she wished. So I flipped over onto my knees doggy style. Her comment amused me. “That’s a new approach”, she said. I didn’t reply but thought “Darling, I’m an expert at doggie.”

Now she had it going. Soon she was fucking me very hard and fast. I have never really experienced pegging before, much less been really fucked like this, and I rather liked it. So did she. In fact, the bump on the GalPal was pressing on her clit, and in combination with what she later described as a fantastic view, caused her to cum. And cum very hard she did. And that made her pump me even harder. This went on a good 20 minutes I’d say, though I was definitely NOT watching the clock. In fact my head was buried down into my pillow, my hand was stroking my cock, as she was fucking my ass.

After a few orgasms on her part, it was my turn. She removed the toy out of herself, and then out of me. I grabbed one of our sex pillows (a Liberator Jaz), put her on her back with  the pillow under her ass leaving her pussy nice and high for me. Grabbing both her legs upright in front of me, I plunged my cock into her. After my vigorous ass fuck she deserved my cock as hard and fast as she gave it to me. I did not disappoint. I finished by pumping my huge load of cum all over her stomach. It was glorious.

We both collapsed. Not that there was any choice, as neither of us could really walk anymore.

In a sense, I’ve lost my anal virginity too. Soon I want to try putting the short end into my ass and seeing if I can DP her with my cock in one hole and the GalPal in the other. Fingers crossed, legs wide open.

May 032011

As promised, I’m here with an update on my lubricant research/trials. I was really happy to receive this Sliquid Sea for review from Good Vibrations because it’s just a little bit different. Besides being glycerin- and paraben-free, it’s also infused with three different seaweed extracts! Yes! Seaweed! Three of them! In addition to boosting the slipperiness of the Sliquid, the seaweeds are intended as a healthful bonus (as if having hot sex isn’t a health bonus enough!).
From Sliquid.com:

  • Each extract provides an added boost for your health: Carrageenan, while also being one of natures most effective natural lubricants, has also been shown to reduce the transmission of HPV (Human Papillomavirus). Wakame is a seaweed that contains B vitamins, and reduces inflammation and improves elasticity in your skin. Nori is an algae that prevents oxidation of the skin and is a very effective natural moisturizer. Together, these natural extracts of the sea blend with our Naturals H2O lubricant, to provide a slippery, sensual lubricant with the natural healing properties of the sea.

Those are some pretty serious claims! While I can’t vouch for the virus-transmission-reduction properties, nor the inflammation-reduction claim, I CAN say that I found Sliquid Sea to be VERY moisturizing. As a matter of fact, I kept rubbing it into my hands for the moisturizing effect after the sex test was over!

In our experience, water-based lubricants vary widely in how sticky and how quickly they disappear.This water-based lubricant is definitely NOT sticky (a major plus)! It DOES, however, seem to be absorbed pretty quickly, so we used a LOT of it for this test. We’ve used it for cunt-rubbing, cock-stroking, pussy and ass-fucking, all with great results. Sliquid Sea has no real smell, and no taste. I can definitely see us using this again. And again. And again.
(ALTHOUGH…next on my to-lube list is some silicone lube!)

Sliquid is featured at Goodvibes.com as part of their ecorotic line of natural and organic sex products that are good for you and have a low environmental impact.

Apr 252011

ladies-slippery-when-wetNo, this is not about getting your car’s oil changed. It’s about lubricants of another sort. I’ve been thinking of sexy lubricants  quite a bit lately. I was always one of those “Who, me…lube? I don’t need it!” girls. I would be insulted at the idea…sort of like a guy saying “I don’t need Viagra!” I mean, my pussy is overflowing with sweet juices! Are you saying I’m not wet enough?!

I  found out, though, like a lot of guys…Viagra can be FUN whether you NEED it or not. It increases the strength and duration of a perfectly good erection. What’s wrong with THAT? In that same manner, a little bit of lube can FEEL REALLY GOOD, whether I need it or not. It’s obviously necessary for anal sex, and helpful for masturbating (his OR hers), but sometimes, it just feels good. That’s it. It increases the juiciness and slipperiness of a perfectly good wet hole. It feeeeels sooooo gooooood to dribble the cool liquid along my pussy lips, then rub it in with my fingers (or his). It feels amazing in my hand as I start to stroke Whitman’s cock. I’m guessing it increases the amazingness of my hand ON his cock for him.

Lots of reading and research at Eden Fantasys later, I’ve come to the conclusion that even Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys storethough silicone lubricants feel TOTALLY AMAZING, they’re not the best for every situation. Water-based lubes seem to be the most useful all-around fun juice. Whitman and I have tried a few brands lately (for research purposes, of course!), and they vary WIDELY in viscosity, stickiness, and how long they last. So far, System JO H20 from EdenFantasys has been my favorite. It was lots of fun! It was very slick with a silicone “feel” and lasted a long while and was totally non-sticky. It’s also in a CUTE package! :)

My research into this new realm of slippery fun will continue, and I’ll definitely report in often as I work to become a (self-proclaimed) LUBE EXPERT!!

Apr 122011

One of the things I love about Good Vibrations is their selection of sexy kits. They were nice enough to send us their “Celebrate Yourself” kit to review, so celebrate myself, I did, by testing out these tasty toys with Whitman!

This kit includes the nifty “Ignite Me” massage candle (one of the best things GV sells, if you ask me!) in ‘morning dew’ scent. This scent was a little perfume-y for my taste (I was spoiled by the herbal lavender version already), but is a light floral fragrance that most people will find appealing. The Ignite Me candle is a low-melting temperature soy wax that can be poured on your lover without burning, and then massaged in without leaving a sticky residue.
These candles ROCK!

please bunny fufuThe kit also includes a silver bullet vibrator, (with batteries included!)which is a standard scroll-wheel-controlled insertable egg, and a 2 oz. bottle of Please liquid lubricant.

The Please liquid lube is a glycerin- and paraben-free water based lubricant  with no smell and no taste, which is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or other lube issues. We found it to be a little thick and it quickly turned sticky. We don’t have any skin-sensitivity issues, so we have no need to sacrifice slippery slickness for stickiness.

Within about 5 minutes or less of stroking each other, we were in shock at the glue-like texture of the lube! We immediately washed it off (easy cleanup with soap and water), and started over. The Please Cream lube from an earlier kit was much more to our liking, and we think, the better “Please” lubricant.bunny fufu

The REAL fun of this kit, however, is the Bunny Sleeve!  This jelly bunny fits on the egg and turns it into a great clitoral stimulator. The bunny’s head is a hard nub that transfers the vibrations with ease. This bunny could also be used on standard vibrators, or as you see here, on two fingers.

Bunny is now hard at work on my desk as a lubricant-topper until it’s playtime again!

Apr 122011

I use SwiftKey “smart keyboard” for my phone. It ‘learns’ words and phrases that I use, and offers them to me as I type — a little more reliably than regular predictive text. Sometimes. Sometimes I think it’s making jokes at my expense, or I’m a slutty drunk. Maybe both.

I started typing “Enjoy your first day of v…”
(where ‘v’ = ‘vacation’).
My phone’s #1 suggestion?


Yes, friends, enjoy your FIRST DAY OF VODKA.

I started typing ‘Get your butt…’
(intended phrase = ‘get your butt to school!’)
My phone’s first suggestion for the next word in this phrase?



Am I really that easy? Probably.

Apr 062011

OrgasmatronRemember in the Woody Allen movie Sleeper, the sex machine called the “Orgasmatron”? Even as a young man I thought that was the greatest futuristic invention in the movie. Even better than dessert foods as healthy.

And women have had vibrators for years. Us men have mostly had to resort to doing most of the work ourselves, when it came to masturbation. Take hand, grip penis, move up and down till orgasm. Clean up.

I have often thought about a machine, that would slide up and down automatically on a hard cock (preferably mine) and simulate a pussy, or mouth, doing the “work”.

Lately I’ve seen the Cobra.

Cobra libre

The description on EdenFantasys by a reviewer named Gary is, “This is one amazing masturbation toy that definitely changes the whole game when it comes to this kind of device. If you are looking for something new that you can really just sit back and enjoy the ride with, this is it. On the lower setting you could probably extend your sessions as long as you wanted them to be. On the high settings, the sensations are unlike anything out there for men!:”Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

EdenFantasys has 608 people (men I assume) rating it as 4 out of 5 stars. It must work, at least  MOSTLY!!! Maybe I can win one in the EdenCafe Contest?

Still, there is something odd about putting my cock into something that looks like a Tron race car. I always fear it’ll be like a Chinese Finger Trap and clamp down on my cock and not let go. Shudder. Shudder. Cum. Mmmmmmmm