Jul 082011

I really want to buy Whitman a new toy. I want to buy him a ‘male masturbator’ toy to be a little more specific about it. It’s for his “personal” time obviously, but as I’ve mentioned, I have recently become fascinated by watching him masturbate. It makes me wet just to think of him thrusting his cock into one of these toys.

I looked at EdenFantasys, and I’m a little overwhelmed by all the types of man-toys! I’m not even counting prostate massagers, cock rings, and the like. I’m focusing on masturbation toys right now. They seem to fall into a few basic categories: “realistic” body part masturbator toys, the Fleshlight, other sleeve-type toys (how ‘pocket pussies’ and ‘masturbation sleeves’ are different is beyond me, so I’m lumping them together here), and the hands-free Cobra Libre.

There’s a lot I DON’T KNOW about man toys, but here are a few things I DO KNOW:

I know he mentioned the Cobra Libre HANDS-FREE masturbator in an earlier post. I know he’s still intrigued by it. The reviews are all over the place, however, and it’s pretty expensive. It vibrates the head, but there’s no room to thrust. Whitman is a thruster.

I know he already HAS a Fleshlight. It’s a bit cumbersome. OBVIOUSLY another one would be a little redundant.

I know the Tenga FlipHole FEELS SO GOOD! We poked our fingers in, rubbed on, and generally thoroughly played with one or two of these the last time we were at a sex store. The Tenga silicone just feels so amazingly yummy. We have Tenga eggs and love the way they feel. I want a penis so that I can use this.

I ALSO know that I’m not interested in buying a “realistic body part” masturbation toy. It’s unnecessary. He has the most realistic body-part fuck toy ever.  ME.
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