Jul 282011

IMG_4424sex toy boxessex toy boxes

We get a lot of packages in the mail. These packages are mostly sex toys. Thank goodness for EdenFantasys and their TOTALLY discreet shipping!! None of my teenagers has ever asked what could possibly be in these boxes that arrive almost daily. Wouldn’t YOU want to know if your mom got 4 or 5 packages in ONE WEEK from “Web Merchants, Inc.?” EdenFantasys advertises themselves as ‘the sex shop you can trust’ and it’s true. Their billing and their shipping are always totally discreet. Their customer service rocks, and you can’t beat all of the REAL REVIEWS of toys on their site!! It’s a vicious cycle. The more I read, the more I want!

Whitman and I don’t live together. The mail comes here, to me, from EdenFantasys and whatever other stores are in the mix.  I always wait until I see him to open the boxes. Some weeks there are a lot, some weeks not so much. This week has been a boom week,with a package arriving almost every day so far. I know what’s in all of those boxes up there, and even though sometimes I think of opening them, when they arrive, I always wait. It’s so much more fun to open them together! I just smile and place them on the shelf. When we are together, we’ll hop on the bed and he’ll open them, and we’ll both peer inside for a peek of what’s new. Then we’ll Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys storeplay.

I want him to hurry up, though. There are a couple of nifty new silicone vibrators to try, and those will be fun, I’m sure. The package that arrived today, though, holds the golden ticket! It’s a LEATHER STRAP ON HARNESS!!  I am so excited and hope that Whitman will let me give him some anal pleasure this weekend. (Are you reading this, Whitman?? Pleeeeeease???)

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  1. Four or 5 sexy packages a week?! Geez, you could open your own toy shop :D

    You’re good to wait for Whitman, I’m sure it is more fun to open the boxes together.

    I can’t wait for you to open and play with the leather strap on harness. Makes me wet thinking about it. Can I watch?


    • Like I said, it was a BOOM WEEK for sex toys!!
      I can’t wait to try the strap on harness, too…maybe I’ll post some pictures so you can ‘watch’!

  2. I love photos!

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