Jul 262011

Wow. This summer is turning out to be so much fun. We’re goofing off like a couple of kids gone to summer camp. Private Summer Sex Camp, but STILL.underwatersex

We had sex in the pool again. It’s an amazing thing, sex in the pool with silicone lubricant. I never knew how much fun it could be.  I leaned forward over the raft that was floating in the shallow end of the pool, and Whitman pounded me from behind with his RAGING HARD COCK (omg it was sooooooo hard). He said, “I’m pretty sure you’re getting pumped full of pool water right now.”

Fast forward to the bedroom.  Same basic position, but I was facedown on the bed, no float involved. I’ve never been fucked so deeply. Ever. (and trust me, I’ve been fucked plenty). I was whimpering and whining with pain and pleasure combined, and when it was all over, I was shocked by the giant puddle on the sheet. Giant. Like 8” across!

First thought: “ohmygod, not my period AGAIN!” But no, it was a clear wet spot. I knew damn well I didn’t pee and I think I would have known if I had ejaculated, even though I never have. Our best guess?

POOL WATER backflow!!

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  1. Yay for pool sex. Sir and I had our first pool sex this weekend at a nuddie club we went to. However, a word of not so sexy caution…..I discovered when indulging in this rather too frequently in the past that pool water is not always the best douching product…LOL….and result in a rather nasty bout of thrush…..but then at the time I was doing it rather ALOT!


  2. how do you apply for this sex camp

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