May 042012

seductive-art-of-japanese-bondageThere are lots of things SexFairy and I thought we would never really be “into” that we’ve tried together and loved. (Face slapping, choking, Daddy/girl…) With that in mind, we were both intrigued when we received the The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage by Midori from Good Vibrations. We’ve both insisted that Japanese Bondage is not our thing. We like our “regular” bondage which consists of simple velcro or buckles that just work, fast, easy, and secure. These Japanese bondage photos we’ve seen, while exquisite and sexy, struck us more as “really, are you kidding me, spend all that time, when the hell would we get to fucking?

Of course, in reality, it turns out that nearly EVERYTHING is our thing. We did a few bondage test runs, and yes, we liked it. (Are you surprised?)

SexFairy, back tie in Japanese BondageThis book is a high-quality paperback, 8”x10”, with about 160 pages full of great information on the basics of Japanese Bondage, the history behind the style, and the differences in “real” or traditional Japanese Bondage, and the “western” version that we see and use today. It takes 43 pages to get actual bonding instructions, and it is those initial pages where this book truly shines. What kind of rope should I use? How do I wash it? What should I expect? What should I be careful of? Even a nice long bondage scene story followed by an analysis of both the Top and the Bottoms experience of the scene.

There are illustrations of 11 different ties from basic to complex. At first I thought the hand drawn illustrations were cheap compared to photographs, but I realized that with the hand drawn it was much easier to see what went where and I tied up SexFairy. A few steps seem to be assumed and I had to pause a few times to figure out what I was supposed to do next. My biggest complaint? Being a softcover the book won’t stay open by itself without really cracking the spine, and I am certainlySexFairy, wrist to ankle, Japanese Bondage not coordinated enough to tie a rope around a person and hold a book open at the same time.

So, Japanese Bondage convert we now are. I’ve even devised my own backup plan for some extensive rope play we hope to engage in shortly. The plan I’ll put in a future post.

Best part, she looked so fucking hot tied up and helpless. I fucked her from behind after putting her into an Arm & Chest tie. :) always has a great selection of books and educational videos.

Jul 092011

Sometimes I play nice. Other times my play gets a little nasty. And once in awhile, it’s downright beastly. This time was outright Guantanamo Bay. That, and it was time for her to pay back another Naughty Point punishment.Fetish Fantasy Series Web restraint systemWe had been sorting through our collection of  lubes, vibrators, dildos, wrist and ankle cuffs, nipple clamps….you know the drill. It was all spread out on the bedroom floor. That and we had recently acquired a new very favorite and fun bondage item. The “Fetish Fantasy Series Web restraint system”. Yes, that’s the name. The Fetish Web is like a spider web that you strap onto your bed. Which I did. It wraps around the corners of the bed and done properly, Fetish Fantasy Spandex Open Mouth Hoodcan be a nice snug set of straps to which you can attach your lovers appendages in a huge variety of positions.  Now, with all the toys etc. at my immediate disposal, I waited for SexFairy to emerge from her shower. As she re-entered the bedroom, she gasped in excited surprise at what she could only suspect was about to come. And cum.

First I covered her head with our Fetish Fantasy Spandex Open Mouth Hood. Into her mouth I then put a ball gag. She now could neither see, nor speak. To her ankles and wrists, I very tightly attached cuffs. I then put her on the bed, and attached her spread eagle, very wide, to the Web. SexFairy was quivering before me, and completely at my mercy.

Collar with clamps by SpartacusAround her neck I put a leather collar. The “Collar with clamps by Spartacus”. This particular collar has two chains attached to it that end in nipple clamps.  Now’s where I started to have some real fun. Instead of attaching the chains directly to her nipples,  I threaded the chains under the web on either side of her neck, and then attached the clamps to her nipples. The chains were just barely able to reach, and that was still SexFairy, hooded, strapped and chained to the web.pulling her tits up high. Now if she tried to lift her head at all, the chains would go very tight and taught on her nipples, pulling them even harder. It was a lovely combination of pain-inspired restraint. To the right is an actual photo of SexFairy bound and nipple clamped.

With SexFairy’s ankles cuffed to the web, her legs were spread nice and wide. However she was still able to bend her knees inward a bit. Not that this was going to slow me down, but I wanted total control of her sexuality here. I grabbed off the floor, so conveniently still out, another pair of larger cuffs, and put then just below her knees. To these I attached ropes which I ran down each side of the bed, through the frame, and back up, pulling very tightly before knotting them down. I also put cuffs on her upper arms as you can see in the photo above. I didn’t want her able to move.

SexFairy was now immobile, exposed, blinded, muted, and very wet. I enjoy these moments. Admiring what I have created for myself. What she has submitted herself to, for both of our pleasure. And while she squirms in anticipation, I just look. For a minute at least.SexFairy ankle cuffI had taken the step of creating the mood by lighting candles around the room. But of course, if you know me at all, you know I don’t give a shit about the mood. It was the hot wax I wanted. Drip by drip, I let the wax fall. First onto her chest. Then around her nipples, growing nice and red from the pull of the chains. Sliding down I let it fall onto her sexy flat stomach, her thighs, and then a few nice drops around her clit. These she squirmed at, which only drove me on.Wartenberg Wheel

Next I picked up our Wartenberg Wheel. Ours has very sharp points, including a couple that are slightly bent which I’ve somewhat neglected to fix. For that extra twist of love. I ran it all over her body; sometimes very lightly, other times pressing it firmly into her flesh. Running it down her thigh, I came to her foot. Straddling her leg with all my weight I began to run it along her sole. With one hand tightly holding her ankle, she wavered from being tickled to pinned by the wheel. By doing this, I let her know how much control I really had over her body. And her soul.

Finally I stood up and looked back. Her body was sprinkled with soft dried wax. We use soy wax. It rubs in so nicely. She had lines where the wheel had run over her. And her nipples were nice and bright red by now. Yum. So she deserved a special thank you gift.Letting her grab my cock I let her give my cock a stroke, as you can see. But the present was really my belt.

It’s a nice thick black leather wide belt. Kneeling between her thighs, I began to beat her with it. Softly at first, and then harder and harder. It hit her nipples so hard it popped the clamps off. This was one of the rare times I thought that maybe I’m going too far with SexFairy. But she said nothing. Just a wince. And back we went. I belted her breasts, her stomach, her thighs, and even her lovely pussy.

For the next item, I wasn’t sure. Often when I want to really give her the treatment, I’ll grab the Hitachi wand and just keep it on her. Lately I’ve been perhaps overusing the Hitachi and instead Triple Orgasm, vibrator in orangepicked up a different favorite. The “Triple Orgasm” in orange. This wonder has a rotating wobbly head for inside her plus a vibrating heads for her ass and another for her clit. I manage to get all three parts going and start fucking her with it, alternating with holding the whole thing tight against all her parts. SexFairy came over and over again. Neither of us kept count.

After about an hour doing all of the above, I unattached the cuffs from the web on one leg. I then pulled her leg up and over her head to the opposite corner, reattaching the ankle cuff near her arm. This had the effect of turning her ass up and around allowing me fantastic access for a sideways doggy fuck, a  great position for long hard fast pounding into her pussy and ass. Needless to say, my orgasm was incredible.

The following night, I told her we could try something really different. A nice sensual love making session. Of course, once we got going, that session got nice and nasty too. SexFairy is so perfectly named.

- You can find all these toys with minimal looking around. I’ve included the full names to make it easy for you to do your own searching.
- The photo of the web on the bed is taken by me on one of our beds.
- The two photos with leopard sheets are both taken by me of SexFairy from this very session.

May 152011

I live off a few computers. One is a laptop, that is always found where I am.

This weekend, on Friday, I lost track of the laptop and the bag it was in. By Saturday afternoon, I was convinced it had been stolen; grabbed from my car while I was taking groceries into the house. Saturday evening found me filling out a police report with what little information I could cobble together in my head.

laptop thiefSaturday night, I barely slept. Why? The laptop and accompanying flash drive contained hundreds, if not thousands of photos of me, SexFairy, former girlfriends, and one movie of me showering and fucking a former girlfriend. The computer is replaceable. Everything in my bag is replaceable. I had copies of all the photos and the movie stored elsewhere.

What kept me up, worrying, thinking, pondering, was if someone got ahold of all that, what would they do with it. What COULD they do with my photos. What could they do with photos of former girlfriends topless and naked, photos of SexFairy tied spread eagle to a bed, photos of SexFairy sucking my cock taken from a balcony by a friend? ALL LEFT ON THE stolen porn videosLAPTOPS HARD DRIVE!!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?

They could post the photos on various porn sites. They could upload the video to an exgf porn site. They could try and blackmail me with the data. They could pass photos of SexFairy with her sexy well spanked ass in the air to all their friends. This afternoon, we found my laptop and all the paraphernalia that accompanied it.

I plan on taking all sex related data off the laptop. It can mostly live in a cloud environment or on a plethora of assorted backup hardware. The remainder, I’ll be encrypting on a bit level that will be henceforth unavailable to anyone but very skilled members of the NSA.

Do you carry on your person, data you’d shudder to think about getting out? I’ll write up the steps I take in a future post. In the meantime, beware you horny pervs, you! I love you, but do you want us all to see you in your Sunday naked best?