I live off a few computers. One is a laptop, that is always found where I am.

This weekend, on Friday, I lost track of the laptop and the bag it was in. By Saturday afternoon, I was convinced it had been stolen; grabbed from my car while I was taking groceries into the house. Saturday evening found me filling out a police report with what little information I could cobble together in my head.

laptop thiefSaturday night, I barely slept. Why? The laptop and accompanying flash drive contained hundreds, if not thousands of photos of me, SexFairy, former girlfriends, and one movie of me showering and fucking a former girlfriend. The computer is replaceable. Everything in my bag is replaceable. I had copies of all the photos and the movie stored elsewhere.

What kept me up, worrying, thinking, pondering, was if someone got ahold of all that, what would they do with it. What COULD they do with my photos. What could they do with photos of former girlfriends topless and naked, photos of SexFairy tied spread eagle to a bed, photos of SexFairy sucking my cock taken from a balcony by a friend? ALL LEFT ON THE stolen porn videosLAPTOPS HARD DRIVE!!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?

They could post the photos on various porn sites. They could upload the video to an exgf porn site. They could try and blackmail me with the data. They could pass photos of SexFairy with her sexy well spanked ass in the air to all their friends. This afternoon, we found my laptop and all the paraphernalia that accompanied it.

I plan on taking all sex related data off the laptop. It can mostly live in a cloud environment or on a plethora of assorted backup hardware. The remainder, I’ll be encrypting on a bit level that will be henceforth unavailable to anyone but very skilled members of the NSA.

Do you carry on your person, data you’d shudder to think about getting out? I’ll write up the steps I take in a future post. In the meantime, beware you horny pervs, you! I love you, but do you want us all to see you in your Sunday naked best?

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