May 042012

seductive-art-of-japanese-bondageThere are lots of things SexFairy and I thought we would never really be “into” that we’ve tried together and loved. (Face slapping, choking, Daddy/girl…) With that in mind, we were both intrigued when we received the The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage by Midori from Good Vibrations. We’ve both insisted that Japanese Bondage is not our thing. We like our “regular” bondage which consists of simple velcro or buckles that just work, fast, easy, and secure. These Japanese bondage photos we’ve seen, while exquisite and sexy, struck us more as “really, are you kidding me, spend all that time, when the hell would we get to fucking?

Of course, in reality, it turns out that nearly EVERYTHING is our thing. We did a few bondage test runs, and yes, we liked it. (Are you surprised?)

SexFairy, back tie in Japanese BondageThis book is a high-quality paperback, 8”x10”, with about 160 pages full of great information on the basics of Japanese Bondage, the history behind the style, and the differences in “real” or traditional Japanese Bondage, and the “western” version that we see and use today. It takes 43 pages to get actual bonding instructions, and it is those initial pages where this book truly shines. What kind of rope should I use? How do I wash it? What should I expect? What should I be careful of? Even a nice long bondage scene story followed by an analysis of both the Top and the Bottoms experience of the scene.

There are illustrations of 11 different ties from basic to complex. At first I thought the hand drawn illustrations were cheap compared to photographs, but I realized that with the hand drawn it was much easier to see what went where and I tied up SexFairy. A few steps seem to be assumed and I had to pause a few times to figure out what I was supposed to do next. My biggest complaint? Being a softcover the book won’t stay open by itself without really cracking the spine, and I am certainlySexFairy, wrist to ankle, Japanese Bondage not coordinated enough to tie a rope around a person and hold a book open at the same time.

So, Japanese Bondage convert we now are. I’ve even devised my own backup plan for some extensive rope play we hope to engage in shortly. The plan I’ll put in a future post.

Best part, she looked so fucking hot tied up and helpless. I fucked her from behind after putting her into an Arm & Chest tie. :) always has a great selection of books and educational videos.