Nov 142011

Part II, continued from HERE,

SexFairy was standing, legs spread, arms leaning against the wall, as her ass reddened from the repeated caning and flogging. The drool was dripping rather steadily from her forced open mouth gag into the metal bowl on the floor. To say I was very admiring of the view is quite an understatement.

Now we had been going here for maybe 30-45 minutes and while I had been hard the entire time, I had not actually directly enjoyed any stimulations myself. So with SexFairy in this bent towards the wall position, I naturally entered her from the rear and fucked her very hard for a few minutes. This made her drool profusely. Imagine how long you’d go with your mouth forced into an open position, while being flogged and fucked. Exactly.

drinking salivaSo she deserved a little present. I picked up the bowl of her saliva and poured it into her open mouth. Because yes my whore deserved a drink. Aren’t I thoughtful?

I went back to some more flogging…this time from behind hitting her ass so that the leather straps whipped around her ass and slapped against her dripping pussy and swollen clit. I continued giving her more of this attention until my rock hard cock could take it solo no more. Grabbing the straps of the tight leather corset she was wearing I pulled her around and forced her to her knees. The ring on the gag was far too small for my cock so  I removed it, grabbed the back of her head with both hands, and started a nice face fucking session.

Normally she is very obedient and reacts appropriately to my attentions. But as to  why this time she failed I am still not sure. Perhaps having her mouth forced open for so long? Perhaps she was just mentally lost? I am not sure. But I felt something I am not supposed to feel when my cock is being forced into her mouth and pushing against the back of her throat. I felt her teeth. Yes her teeth against the head of my cock.

“Did you just fucking bite me?” I demanded. “Did you?” She looked at me with a measure of fear in her eyes, shaking her head no. “Oh my fucking god I cannot believe you just bit my cock,” I said. “Now you will pay dearly for this.”

I firmly grabbed her by the corset and pulled her from the floor and pushed her into the bedroom.

…to be continued – [in part three, she is punished]

Nov 102011

She stood there in front of me wearing stockings and heels, and nothing else. I told her to turn around.

Around her waist I put the black cincher corset. The straps I pulled very tightly, leaving her only shallow breaths as her lungs compressed against the squeezing force of the leather.

“On the floor slut” I commanded, knowing that there was more than one way to comply. Of course she tried on her knees face up. The reality is no matter how she had complied, I would have told her she had done it wrong. Sometimes I need to create situations where she is guaranteed to fail, so I can then administer the punishments. “On your knees, face down”, I said.

For a minute or so I admired the view. She waited patiently for me to notice. To do something. To give her any kind of attention. I left the room and made myself a drink, taking my time. When I got back to the room, she had not moved. Good girl I thought, but did not say.

“Stand up,” I instructed, which she did with some difficulty in her 5 inch hooker heels.Open Mouth Gag

I walked her to the wall, facing a mirror. I wanted her to see her face. Around her head I put a metal open mouth gag. This was a new item in my box of toys and I was eager to see it’s effect. With a slight gasp she opened her mouth as the metal went between her teeth. The strap I pulled very tight and buckled it in the last hole.

Facing the mirror, I had her step back until she was around 2 feet from the wall. Taking her left hand, I put it against the wall to the left of the mirror. I then did the same with her right hand. She was now forced into a position where her naked ass was bent out for my pleasure. “Spread your legs”, I said. Of course that was followed by “MORE”, which she did until her wet labia was visible glistening between her open legs. So I left the room.

Taking my time I picked up a simple metal bowl, about 6” across, from the kitchen. Then out of my box of toys I carefully selected two more items. One being a leather flogger, about 20” in length with beautiful metal studs on the handle. The other item was plastic cane, about 2 feet in length. Of course, when I got back, she had not moved.

Gently, I let the leather flogger drape against her shoulders, her face, her neck, and then her ass. I pulled it off her skin and paused. As I did her body stiffened as she knew what was coming next. So instead I kissed her, briefly, and then, stepping back, put my full effort into a very long swing hard whip of the flogger against her bare ass. She gasped but said nothing. Perfect.

I kept flogging her for a few minutes, watching her ass redden with each hit. Looking up at her face I notice two things. One, her eyes were closed, in violation of my instruction to keep them open. So I repeated it and she opened her eyes. What she saw in her face was the pleasure and the pain of her flogging and the saliva dripping down her mouth and chin onto the floor. Remember she could not close her mouth with the gag. I said “you had not kept your eyes open and so you will be punished for not strictly doing as I say. But you have also drooled onto the carpet, so this will be taken care of as part of your punishment.” I picked up the metal bowl and put it on the floor where her saliva was dripping. “Don’t let any more spit hit the carpet. It all better drip into the bowl.”

I then went back to behind her and grabbed the cane. This is a very stiff length of hard plastic. It gives very little and being thin it has very little give. Hence, it hurts like hell and can leave quite a nice mark. With carefully aimed hits against her ass, I caned my initial into her ass. The deep red lines were quite appealing to me, and painful to her. She so loves attention. Her lovely letter to me posted here explains that.

…to be continued – [in part two, she does a very bad thing]


Oct 172011

I was talking with Whitman the other day, and (not) shockingly, the conversation turned to sex. It turned to dirty, naughty, what-he-wants-to-do-next sex. He wants to get back to basics. Basic BDSM, that is. I want what he wants. Of course.

“It seems we need some new items,” he said. I agreed. I already know he wants new nipple clamps, but he continued with his shopping list. “We need a cane, and a flogger, and a paddle of some sort.” Most of my spankings have been administered by Whitman’s hands or belt. I love both. “Whoa!” I thought as my panties were instantly soaked at the thought of him wielding a cane. Or a flogger. Or a paddle. Or all of the above.

The sound of Whitman’s voice had changed in a way that I know so well. I instantly knew this was not idle talk or fantasy chat. I WILL be subjected to a serious spanking, among other submissive delights. I can’t wait. Any submissive will tell you that a good submissive session (mental or physical) is a great release. I need it. He needs it.

So. This conversation. Let’s recap: We started talking, Whitman’s voice changed, my panties were wet, and I knew it was time to head on over to EdenFantasys and get shopping!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Oct 152011

The Rippler from GoodVibes.comWOW. This is one amazing dildo. It’s an amazing size, an amazing design, and oooooh, an amazing pretty grape-popsicle-purple color!  Good Vibrations sent this to me in exchange for an honest review, and I can honestly say it’s awesome!

If you like girth and texture, then the Rippler is the toy for you. Available in metallic purple (like mine), emerald green, or black silicone, this is a real beast. At 1 5/8” (at the narrow head) widening to
1 7/8”diameter (near the base) and 7 1/4” long, no matter where you use it, you WILL be filled by the Rippler. The nice curve is perfect for g-spot stimulation, and the namesake ripples increase sensation. The shape is somewhat ‘realistic fantasy phallus’ with its obvious head, but that’s the only similarity to a real penis. The color and the ripples are pure fun!! No veins here!!

The Rippler from Goodvibes.comThe Rippler is easy to use and just as easy to care for. Clean it up before and after use with soap and warm water. Like all high-quality silicone toys, this one is non-porous and sterilizable by boiling or throwing it in the dishwasher (top rack only!) for five minutes or so. The Rippler is a little bit of a lint magnet, but luckily the clear plastic clamshell package that it arrives in would also be great for storage. There are no obvious seams, rough edges or other flaws to get in the way of fucking the orifice of your choice with this toy.

This dildo is strap-on harness compatible, but the Good Vibes site does mention that due to the Rippler’s girth, (in case you missed it) you may need a larger o-ring for your harness. My harness is not an o-ring harness, and this barely fits through the leather opening, and even then I can’t snap the inner panel over the base.
If you plan to use this with a harness, measure carefully first.
If you plan to use it otherwise, get busy!!

The Rippler from

Jul 292011

Wet Synergy +Cool TingleCarrying on in my lubricant research, I decided to check out Wet Synergy +Cool Tingle lubricant from Good Vibrations. They get an honest review of their product, and I get to try a new lube. Win / Win, right?! Wet Synergy is a hybrid lubricant, combining water and silicone based lubes for the best of both. (This does mean you “shouldn’t use this with your silicone toys”, but we did, and they’re still intact. So are we.)

I’ve always said “I don’t like tingle lubes and lotions,” “I don’t like warming lubes and lotions,” “I don’t like cooling lubes and lotions.” Always. They burn. They especially burn my delicate ladybits. The ones that don’t DON’T burn don’t really feel like ANYTHING. It’s becoming apparent to me that I need to quit making blanket statements like this, because I always end up being WRONG!

This “tingle” lubricant was no such thing. It was definitely COOLING, and had a great minty fresh smell, a lot like toothpaste. The cooling, however, wasn’t an ‘icy-hot’ feeling like so many cooling lubes have. It was really COOL. The ingredients include peppermint, and I’m guessing that’s the secret – peppermint, not menthol, which DOES burn.

+Cool is thick and rich; it doesn’t run or drip. The best part, though, is the taste! I’ve always ALSO said, “I don’t like flavored lubes.” That’s for no reason other than they taste gross. I like the way cock tastes. No need to cover it up. HOWEVER, once again, I have to eat my words along with Whitman’s cock, because, YUM! This lube tastes like minty-fresh mouthwash, or even doublemint gum. Whitman said it was like eating pussy and getting a mouthwash at the same time! I thought it was like licking a big candy-cane-cock!

Overall, this was a wonderful lubricant for toy play, his and hers handjobs, oral sex, and intercourse. It was minty fresh, non-drippy, non-staining, tastes great, smells great, doesn’t burn, and at about $7 for a 1.9 ounce bottle, it’s a good buy, too.

Jul 282011

IMG_4424sex toy boxessex toy boxes

We get a lot of packages in the mail. These packages are mostly sex toys. Thank goodness for EdenFantasys and their TOTALLY discreet shipping!! None of my teenagers has ever asked what could possibly be in these boxes that arrive almost daily. Wouldn’t YOU want to know if your mom got 4 or 5 packages in ONE WEEK from “Web Merchants, Inc.?” EdenFantasys advertises themselves as ‘the sex shop you can trust’ and it’s true. Their billing and their shipping are always totally discreet. Their customer service rocks, and you can’t beat all of the REAL REVIEWS of toys on their site!! It’s a vicious cycle. The more I read, the more I want!

Whitman and I don’t live together. The mail comes here, to me, from EdenFantasys and whatever other stores are in the mix.  I always wait until I see him to open the boxes. Some weeks there are a lot, some weeks not so much. This week has been a boom week,with a package arriving almost every day so far. I know what’s in all of those boxes up there, and even though sometimes I think of opening them, when they arrive, I always wait. It’s so much more fun to open them together! I just smile and place them on the shelf. When we are together, we’ll hop on the bed and he’ll open them, and we’ll both peer inside for a peek of what’s new. Then we’ll Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys storeplay.

I want him to hurry up, though. There are a couple of nifty new silicone vibrators to try, and those will be fun, I’m sure. The package that arrived today, though, holds the golden ticket! It’s a LEATHER STRAP ON HARNESS!!  I am so excited and hope that Whitman will let me give him some anal pleasure this weekend. (Are you reading this, Whitman?? Pleeeeeease???)

Jul 092011

Sometimes I play nice. Other times my play gets a little nasty. And once in awhile, it’s downright beastly. This time was outright Guantanamo Bay. That, and it was time for her to pay back another Naughty Point punishment.Fetish Fantasy Series Web restraint systemWe had been sorting through our collection of  lubes, vibrators, dildos, wrist and ankle cuffs, nipple clamps….you know the drill. It was all spread out on the bedroom floor. That and we had recently acquired a new very favorite and fun bondage item. The “Fetish Fantasy Series Web restraint system”. Yes, that’s the name. The Fetish Web is like a spider web that you strap onto your bed. Which I did. It wraps around the corners of the bed and done properly, Fetish Fantasy Spandex Open Mouth Hoodcan be a nice snug set of straps to which you can attach your lovers appendages in a huge variety of positions.  Now, with all the toys etc. at my immediate disposal, I waited for SexFairy to emerge from her shower. As she re-entered the bedroom, she gasped in excited surprise at what she could only suspect was about to come. And cum.

First I covered her head with our Fetish Fantasy Spandex Open Mouth Hood. Into her mouth I then put a ball gag. She now could neither see, nor speak. To her ankles and wrists, I very tightly attached cuffs. I then put her on the bed, and attached her spread eagle, very wide, to the Web. SexFairy was quivering before me, and completely at my mercy.

Collar with clamps by SpartacusAround her neck I put a leather collar. The “Collar with clamps by Spartacus”. This particular collar has two chains attached to it that end in nipple clamps.  Now’s where I started to have some real fun. Instead of attaching the chains directly to her nipples,  I threaded the chains under the web on either side of her neck, and then attached the clamps to her nipples. The chains were just barely able to reach, and that was still SexFairy, hooded, strapped and chained to the web.pulling her tits up high. Now if she tried to lift her head at all, the chains would go very tight and taught on her nipples, pulling them even harder. It was a lovely combination of pain-inspired restraint. To the right is an actual photo of SexFairy bound and nipple clamped.

With SexFairy’s ankles cuffed to the web, her legs were spread nice and wide. However she was still able to bend her knees inward a bit. Not that this was going to slow me down, but I wanted total control of her sexuality here. I grabbed off the floor, so conveniently still out, another pair of larger cuffs, and put then just below her knees. To these I attached ropes which I ran down each side of the bed, through the frame, and back up, pulling very tightly before knotting them down. I also put cuffs on her upper arms as you can see in the photo above. I didn’t want her able to move.

SexFairy was now immobile, exposed, blinded, muted, and very wet. I enjoy these moments. Admiring what I have created for myself. What she has submitted herself to, for both of our pleasure. And while she squirms in anticipation, I just look. For a minute at least.SexFairy ankle cuffI had taken the step of creating the mood by lighting candles around the room. But of course, if you know me at all, you know I don’t give a shit about the mood. It was the hot wax I wanted. Drip by drip, I let the wax fall. First onto her chest. Then around her nipples, growing nice and red from the pull of the chains. Sliding down I let it fall onto her sexy flat stomach, her thighs, and then a few nice drops around her clit. These she squirmed at, which only drove me on.Wartenberg Wheel

Next I picked up our Wartenberg Wheel. Ours has very sharp points, including a couple that are slightly bent which I’ve somewhat neglected to fix. For that extra twist of love. I ran it all over her body; sometimes very lightly, other times pressing it firmly into her flesh. Running it down her thigh, I came to her foot. Straddling her leg with all my weight I began to run it along her sole. With one hand tightly holding her ankle, she wavered from being tickled to pinned by the wheel. By doing this, I let her know how much control I really had over her body. And her soul.

Finally I stood up and looked back. Her body was sprinkled with soft dried wax. We use soy wax. It rubs in so nicely. She had lines where the wheel had run over her. And her nipples were nice and bright red by now. Yum. So she deserved a special thank you gift.Letting her grab my cock I let her give my cock a stroke, as you can see. But the present was really my belt.

It’s a nice thick black leather wide belt. Kneeling between her thighs, I began to beat her with it. Softly at first, and then harder and harder. It hit her nipples so hard it popped the clamps off. This was one of the rare times I thought that maybe I’m going too far with SexFairy. But she said nothing. Just a wince. And back we went. I belted her breasts, her stomach, her thighs, and even her lovely pussy.

For the next item, I wasn’t sure. Often when I want to really give her the treatment, I’ll grab the Hitachi wand and just keep it on her. Lately I’ve been perhaps overusing the Hitachi and instead Triple Orgasm, vibrator in orangepicked up a different favorite. The “Triple Orgasm” in orange. This wonder has a rotating wobbly head for inside her plus a vibrating heads for her ass and another for her clit. I manage to get all three parts going and start fucking her with it, alternating with holding the whole thing tight against all her parts. SexFairy came over and over again. Neither of us kept count.

After about an hour doing all of the above, I unattached the cuffs from the web on one leg. I then pulled her leg up and over her head to the opposite corner, reattaching the ankle cuff near her arm. This had the effect of turning her ass up and around allowing me fantastic access for a sideways doggy fuck, a  great position for long hard fast pounding into her pussy and ass. Needless to say, my orgasm was incredible.

The following night, I told her we could try something really different. A nice sensual love making session. Of course, once we got going, that session got nice and nasty too. SexFairy is so perfectly named.

- You can find all these toys with minimal looking around. I’ve included the full names to make it easy for you to do your own searching.
- The photo of the web on the bed is taken by me on one of our beds.
- The two photos with leopard sheets are both taken by me of SexFairy from this very session.

Jul 082011

I really want to buy Whitman a new toy. I want to buy him a ‘male masturbator’ toy to be a little more specific about it. It’s for his “personal” time obviously, but as I’ve mentioned, I have recently become fascinated by watching him masturbate. It makes me wet just to think of him thrusting his cock into one of these toys.

I looked at EdenFantasys, and I’m a little overwhelmed by all the types of man-toys! I’m not even counting prostate massagers, cock rings, and the like. I’m focusing on masturbation toys right now. They seem to fall into a few basic categories: “realistic” body part masturbator toys, the Fleshlight, other sleeve-type toys (how ‘pocket pussies’ and ‘masturbation sleeves’ are different is beyond me, so I’m lumping them together here), and the hands-free Cobra Libre.

There’s a lot I DON’T KNOW about man toys, but here are a few things I DO KNOW:

I know he mentioned the Cobra Libre HANDS-FREE masturbator in an earlier post. I know he’s still intrigued by it. The reviews are all over the place, however, and it’s pretty expensive. It vibrates the head, but there’s no room to thrust. Whitman is a thruster.

I know he already HAS a Fleshlight. It’s a bit cumbersome. OBVIOUSLY another one would be a little redundant.

I know the Tenga FlipHole FEELS SO GOOD! We poked our fingers in, rubbed on, and generally thoroughly played with one or two of these the last time we were at a sex store. The Tenga silicone just feels so amazingly yummy. We have Tenga eggs and love the way they feel. I want a penis so that I can use this.

I ALSO know that I’m not interested in buying a “realistic body part” masturbation toy. It’s unnecessary. He has the most realistic body-part fuck toy ever.  ME.
Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Jun 302011

…that DOUBLES AS JEWELRY?!  Good Vibrations sent me these really cool vibrating accessories, and I was more than happy to try them out.

rose with a weenisI’m a collector of “big” rings anyway, so I was thrilled to see the Rumblin’ Rose Waterproof Ring Vibrator in my mailbox. My Rumblin’ Rose “Gossip Ring by Hustler Toys” is a 1.5” red TPR rose (also available in purple). I love the size and style of this ring in general, but when you add in the little tiny bullet vibe that’s (mostly) hidden in the center?? I love it even more! Unfortunately the vibe pokes out from behind the rose just a liiiiitle too much for me to feel comfortable wearing it for everyday wear. I can just imagine the curiosity of the folks at my office: “Why does your ring have a little weenis?” This ring would be great to wear out at night to a dark club for a little secret titillation of your date, or wear it to a sexy party of any sort!

The ring arrives with the batteries (watch batteries) installed. I thought at first that my push-button one-speed microbullet was defective, because it didn’t work right away, but LO AND BEHOLD, when unscrewed, there was a little protective paper that needed to be removed. This wasn’t really noted on the packaging, and there wasn’t a tab hanging out of the battery compartment, so consider yourself warned: if you buy this ring, don’t forget to activate it! This toy is soft, flexible, and with a little lube, just the right size and sensation to tickle my clit. It’s a perfect warm up.

I also received the Pirates Pendant Vibrator. CUTE! Available in black or copper, my black pendant is going to get a lot of use. Although the necklace is a sexy toy marketed as part of the “Pirates” porn series, it is totally suited for daily wear. IMG_4187The pendant itself is about the size of my thumb, and is embossed with ‘pirate-y’ designs all the way around the smooth matte finish. It is stylish, and looks like an unusual “statement necklace.” The ball chain is 27” long and is also a matte black. The good part of this necklace, though, is the powerful hidden vibrator!  The tiny nub near the top of the pendant not only attaches is to the chain, but controls the FIVE-SPEED vibe. Yes, FIVE different speed and vibration patterns are right there all the time! Increase the speed or change the pulsing by repeatedly pushing the button. You do, however, have to cycle through all five to get to “off.”

By the way, in answer to the “Who needs jewelry?” question — ME! I do love sex toys, but in NO WAY are toys a replacement for real jewelry! ;)


Jun 282011

From our Tumblr site at, it’s Top Tumblr Tuesday #14.

I wrote this on Monday, about our sex on Sunday, when we also hit 1000 Tumblr followers.

1000 Naughty Tumblr Followersa short oral sex story

Tomorrow expect a post from SexFairy detailing the adventure.

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