Oct 152011

The Rippler from GoodVibes.comWOW. This is one amazing dildo. It’s an amazing size, an amazing design, and oooooh, an amazing pretty grape-popsicle-purple color!  Good Vibrations sent this to me in exchange for an honest review, and I can honestly say it’s awesome!

If you like girth and texture, then the Rippler is the toy for you. Available in metallic purple (like mine), emerald green, or black silicone, this is a real beast. At 1 5/8” (at the narrow head) widening to
1 7/8”diameter (near the base) and 7 1/4” long, no matter where you use it, you WILL be filled by the Rippler. The nice curve is perfect for g-spot stimulation, and the namesake ripples increase sensation. The shape is somewhat ‘realistic fantasy phallus’ with its obvious head, but that’s the only similarity to a real penis. The color and the ripples are pure fun!! No veins here!!

The Rippler from Goodvibes.comThe Rippler is easy to use and just as easy to care for. Clean it up before and after use with soap and warm water. Like all high-quality silicone toys, this one is non-porous and sterilizable by boiling or throwing it in the dishwasher (top rack only!) for five minutes or so. The Rippler is a little bit of a lint magnet, but luckily the clear plastic clamshell package that it arrives in would also be great for storage. There are no obvious seams, rough edges or other flaws to get in the way of fucking the orifice of your choice with this toy.

This dildo is strap-on harness compatible, but the Good Vibes site does mention that due to the Rippler’s girth, (in case you missed it) you may need a larger o-ring for your harness. My harness is not an o-ring harness, and this barely fits through the leather opening, and even then I can’t snap the inner panel over the base.
If you plan to use this with a harness, measure carefully first.
If you plan to use it otherwise, get busy!!

The Rippler from Goodvibes.com

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