May 172012

Tenga Swirl from BabelandFunny title, isn’t it. Made ya look!

Sexy Babeland was kind enough to let me try the new Tenga Sleeve 3D.  That or they thought my hand was maybe getting tired. Either way, I wasn’t complaining. I got the Spiral style but there is also a “Polygon” style which is more bumpy angled looking.

This is basically a stretchable tube, 4.5” long, made out of what Tenga calls “Ag Antibacterial Elastomer”, or as I like to say in English, “soft pussy”. It comes in this nice plastic see through case, kind of like a museum piece. Just more a touch and feel museum. When I took it off its spindle there was this hard plastic circle inside, which turns out to be for shipping and you should definitely remove it prior to use.

Underneath, you peel off the label and there is a nice little package of “Hole Lotion Real” and an instruction manual, both in Japanese and English, as is your preference. I actually read some of Tenga Swirl - 4.5the instructions, but it’s fairly self explanatory once you get that you are supposed to turn it inside out, so the ridges are inside where they can do some good. The  lotion is supposedly good for one use, though I got two out of it. After that I’ve been using regular water based lube.

You turn it inside out, squirt some lube inside of it, insert and go. It will stretch out to about 11” long and 4” wide, so it should fit all but the biggest liars among you all. This is my fouth Tenga product. I also have the Tenga Flip, the Tenga Eggs, and the Tenga Rolling Head Cup. The Sleeve is more like the Egg in how it feels though the sleeve is far more encompassing and to me, a little better feeling. I like how you can squeeze as much as you like, which is a bit different than the Flip, which has a hard plastic shell with squeeze areas in the middle.

I’ve used it about 6 times now, and each time has been really nice. This is a very soft realistic feeling masturbator that I hope to get a lot of use out of. Tenga claims it’s good for Tenga Swirl next to a mold of my penisabout 50 uses, so give me another week or two and I’ll update you all on how many I get to. So far I am seeing no wear, but it is conceivable I’ll poke through the top eventually.

On an interesting? side note, Tenga won a RedDot Award for Product Design for this. I don’t really know what that means in practice, but for something I stick my cock into and stroke, it sounds pretty cool.

Thanks again to Babeland for letting me play with this, all for the benefit of science, or something.