Oct 172011

I was talking with Whitman the other day, and (not) shockingly, the conversation turned to sex. It turned to dirty, naughty, what-he-wants-to-do-next sex. He wants to get back to basics. Basic BDSM, that is. I want what he wants. Of course.

“It seems we need some new items,” he said. I agreed. I already know he wants new nipple clamps, but he continued with his shopping list. “We need a cane, and a flogger, and a paddle of some sort.” Most of my spankings have been administered by Whitman’s hands or belt. I love both. “Whoa!” I thought as my panties were instantly soaked at the thought of him wielding a cane. Or a flogger. Or a paddle. Or all of the above.

The sound of Whitman’s voice had changed in a way that I know so well. I instantly knew this was not idle talk or fantasy chat. I WILL be subjected to a serious spanking, among other submissive delights. I can’t wait. Any submissive will tell you that a good submissive session (mental or physical) is a great release. I need it. He needs it.

So. This conversation. Let’s recap: We started talking, Whitman’s voice changed, my panties were wet, and I knew it was time to head on over to EdenFantasys and get shopping!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Oct 162011

My Dearest Whitman,

You know I’m very so very submissive, and you know I’m always trying to make sure that you’re getting maximum pleasure.  I’m always willing, always game, always ready to play, ready to give or get. Whatever you want, I want. BUT…

I always care. About myself. On some level. Somehow, there’s always my own voice in the back of my mind, wondering if you’ll go further. Wondering how much I can take, wondering if I’m doing a good enough job, whatever we’re up to. Is this going to look silly, sound silly, am I too jiggly? Me, me, me.

I’ve written before about wanting to ‘deepen my submission’ to you. But what does that mean?I want to totally give in to you. I want to spend hours upon hours as only an object for your pleasure and amusement. I want to be your plaything, whatever game you want to play. If it amuses you to do nothing with or to me, then so be it. I want to wait for you. I want to wait ON you.

Sometimes when I think of being ‘very submissive’ to you, it actually involves some sort of domesticity. Taking care of you…bringing you food, drinks, whatever you need, and then waiting my turn. Hoping there IS a turn. Hoping I do a good job and don’t have to be punished. Some part of me wants to be babied and treated like your sweet plaything. I want to sit at your feet and wait on you to pet my head. I want you to tell me I’m a good girl.

Sometimes when I think of being ‘very submissive’ to you, it involves me physically pleasuring you in any and every way you see fit. Bathe your balls with my tongue while you have your morning coffee? Yes, sir. Tongue your ass? Yes, Please. Massage your whole body with fragrant oil? My pleasure, obviously.

Sometimes when I think of being ‘very submissive’ to you, it involves being your toy, a totally objectified dirty whore of a spank-toy, fuck-toy, whip-toy, suck-toy, whatever-you-want-to-do-to-me-toy.  When you cinch my waist in tight and I can’t fully breathe, you’ll say that’s too bad, which is perfect. I want to have both sets of lips dripping with desire for you, to beg for your cock and be denied. I want you to slap my face for asking. Fill my mouth for talking.

I want to be so deep in my submission to you that I don’t think about myself. I want to be able to give myself physically, mentally, and emotionally to you, right down to the core. Please.

Love Always,
Your Sex Fairy

Oct 152011

The Rippler from GoodVibes.comWOW. This is one amazing dildo. It’s an amazing size, an amazing design, and oooooh, an amazing pretty grape-popsicle-purple color!  Good Vibrations sent this to me in exchange for an honest review, and I can honestly say it’s awesome!

If you like girth and texture, then the Rippler is the toy for you. Available in metallic purple (like mine), emerald green, or black silicone, this is a real beast. At 1 5/8” (at the narrow head) widening to
1 7/8”diameter (near the base) and 7 1/4” long, no matter where you use it, you WILL be filled by the Rippler. The nice curve is perfect for g-spot stimulation, and the namesake ripples increase sensation. The shape is somewhat ‘realistic fantasy phallus’ with its obvious head, but that’s the only similarity to a real penis. The color and the ripples are pure fun!! No veins here!!

The Rippler from Goodvibes.comThe Rippler is easy to use and just as easy to care for. Clean it up before and after use with soap and warm water. Like all high-quality silicone toys, this one is non-porous and sterilizable by boiling or throwing it in the dishwasher (top rack only!) for five minutes or so. The Rippler is a little bit of a lint magnet, but luckily the clear plastic clamshell package that it arrives in would also be great for storage. There are no obvious seams, rough edges or other flaws to get in the way of fucking the orifice of your choice with this toy.

This dildo is strap-on harness compatible, but the Good Vibes site does mention that due to the Rippler’s girth, (in case you missed it) you may need a larger o-ring for your harness. My harness is not an o-ring harness, and this barely fits through the leather opening, and even then I can’t snap the inner panel over the base.
If you plan to use this with a harness, measure carefully first.
If you plan to use it otherwise, get busy!!

The Rippler from Goodvibes.com

Oct 062011

I was texting a friend about a gift I’s recently ordered for her. I asked if she had received any packages from me, or really, packages from an “Etsy stranger.”

Except my PHONE, once again, decided to make that phrase better for me. What she saw was me asking if she’s received anything from an EASY STRANGER. I corrected myself, but she thought “easy stranger” sounded better. I had to agree, and decided that might be my Halloween costume this year! I’ve certainly had plenty of practice at it.

droidian slip

I have to wonder if this was a Droidian slip or Freudian slip?? Whitman has been traveling without me, and while I never doubt his love for me, I do know how much he loves variety. That’s just what he needs…and easy stranger!

Sep 302011

I’ve missed this blog. I’ve wanted to write…no, really. I have. It’s just a case of so much REAL SHIT happening. I mean REAL LIFE stuff. Most of it has been good, but it’s all been very time consuming. We’ve been very busy (and naughty) all summer long. So busy that we’ve had no time to write.


Fucking, drinking, testing new sex toys, traveling, looking sexy, being funny…MYGOD it’s SO.MUCH.WORK.

Jul 262011

I just got a Facebook friend request from a guy I went to high school with. Years ago.
(Oh, so many years ago…let’s just call it “the 80’s”, shall we?)

I was excited to hear from this guy; I’d looked for him on Facebook before to no avail. He was in the small group of friends I hung out with pretty regularly in high school, but we’d lost touch quickly way back in the 80’s.

It was amazing to hear from him, and once again, I marvel at how Facebook makes my world so much smaller.

What I REALLY marveled at, though, was the first thing I thought of once I realized whose name was in my friend requests:

“OMG, there’s David, the first guy I ever gave a blowjob!” Really, it was his idea. I was clueless. We were making out in my room one stormy afternoon (with U2 “Live at Red Rocks” on MTV) and he sort of pushed my head down to his cock.
Not sort of.
It was rather insistently.
I willingly followed his lead.

not me

Looking back, I do believe that even though I was a veteran maker-outter, and I’d felt hard cocks through pants before, his was really the first cock I’d ever SEEN. It was truly my first ‘live cock’ experience! 

I loved the way his cock looked: large and hard and smooth (yes, it really was large. I’ve been spoiled from the beginning). I remember being a little shocked at how much I loved the way it felt in my mouth. And even though I had no idea what I was doing, I loved the way it OBVIOUSLY made him feel. so. good.

I realized then and there about the power that comes with giving great head. I also realized that I liked his ‘instructional method’ quite a bit. No asking involved. Just do it.

I’ve never looked back. He created a monster and has no idea!!

Jul 262011

Wow. This summer is turning out to be so much fun. We’re goofing off like a couple of kids gone to summer camp. Private Summer Sex Camp, but STILL.underwatersex

We had sex in the pool again. It’s an amazing thing, sex in the pool with silicone lubricant. I never knew how much fun it could be.  I leaned forward over the raft that was floating in the shallow end of the pool, and Whitman pounded me from behind with his RAGING HARD COCK (omg it was sooooooo hard). He said, “I’m pretty sure you’re getting pumped full of pool water right now.”

Fast forward to the bedroom.  Same basic position, but I was facedown on the bed, no float involved. I’ve never been fucked so deeply. Ever. (and trust me, I’ve been fucked plenty). I was whimpering and whining with pain and pleasure combined, and when it was all over, I was shocked by the giant puddle on the sheet. Giant. Like 8” across!

First thought: “ohmygod, not my period AGAIN!” But no, it was a clear wet spot. I knew damn well I didn’t pee and I think I would have known if I had ejaculated, even though I never have. Our best guess?

POOL WATER backflow!!

Jul 122011

I had a dream two nights ago that I was going down on another woman. This is a little funny because (if you’re a regular reader you know this) I don’t really consider myself THAT bisexual.

It was like I was watching a movie, and the camera zoomed in on a perfect little pink vulva between two legs, which spread open before me on a nicely made bed. There was no kissing, no fondling, no boobs. I couldn’t see anything but cunt. I zoomed in on her, and swirled my tongue around, dipped it in, and then (don’t ask me why I remember this directional detail so vividly – it’s a dream!) I darted my tongue left to right across her clit hood, and she came. I stood, I left.  Whitman was there, so was this pussy’s man. It was very matter-of-fact. Odd, but pretty fucking hot.tumblr_lnhn8jqk8t1qd3vcno1_500

I probably had this dream because of the inordinate amount of time I spend, along with Whitman, looking at pictures of hot naked girls while updating our Tumblr. It’s just all gorgeous, all the time! (For the record, I have started adding some photos of hot GUYS, just FYI, if any of you ladies want to check it out!)

Anyway, I do find photos of women sexy, hot, and beautiful. I often get turned on when Tumbling. I also like lesbian porn (as evidenced by last night, but, ahem.  I digress…). Of course I’m open to anyone of whatever gender that wants to pleasure ME, THAT’S a given.  When it comes to reciprocating, I HAVE gone down on women before, but I’ve never felt confident about it. It’s almost like I don’t WANT to because I don’t REALLY KNOW what I’m doing!! I like to excel at everything I do. It’s just the way I am.

I awoke with a feeling that it would ‘be okay’ to try again, although I was disappointed that I’d forgotten to try putting my finger(s) inside of her. Maybe next time!

ready for licking

Jun 292011

I had an amazing orgasm the other day. It was amazing not because of how long or strong it was, but because of how it came about: I was giving a blowjob. I wasn’t touching myself. (Nor was I humping the bed!)  This was just supposed to be a warm-up teasing blowjob before a little ‘vanilla-ish’ sex…just a little foreplay.

I took off my clothes and  scooched across the bed on my belly to where Whitman was standing naked.  His cock was at perfect mouth level, and half-hard while he waited (what I like to call a “corky” instead of a ‘woody’). I slid his gorgeous cock in my mouth, and as he moaned, he grew harder. I felt myself get instantly wet.  I brought my hands up to the base of his cock while my elbows stayed on the bed, and I must have looked very much like I had my chin in my hands.
Except for the penis in my mouth.

not meWhitman began to slowly slide his cock in and out, fucking my face, but slowly, gently, methodically. I never took my mouth off of him, sliding up and down in rhythm with his thrusts. Wet and extra-slippery saliva pooled in my hands, then began to run down my arms. I felt it dripping, and felt my cunt began to throb.  I squeezed my legs a little, pressing myself into the mattress slightly.

I kept sucking, swirling my tongue around the head slightly, but mostly just enjoying the  cock in my face. Whitman picked up the pace a little, then grabbed my hair in each hand, fucking, fucking, fucking… I was SO TURNED on by the way he just fucked my face. In my mind, I became just a fuckhole and a hot, wet, place for him to get his rocks off.

As I had that “fuckhole” thought, Whitman reached down and moved my right hand from his cock to cup his balls. I cupped, I pressed a little on his perineum, I drooled. The puddle under my arms was growing, and my arms were shiny-slick with spit. There was a big wet spot on the bed below my face. Whitman’s cock was soooo fucking hard. He held my hair, he fucked my face, (still steadily and hard, but not roughly), and I had the most AMAZING ORGASM.

I was shocked to feel it coming and even more shocked to feel it happen. (As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a creature of my own masturbating habits, and more often than not, all body parts need to be arranged just so for me to get off.)  Somehow the self-objectification, combined with the steady sucking / face fucking, the spit everywhere, and the pressure of the bed under my clit led to the perfect storm-gasm. This was not quite “thinking off” but close!

Jun 172011

So… pegging. I’m new to it. I like it.

It feels good to me, especially using the ‘ray gun,’ but I wonder…

I wonder if fucking someone with a fake penis is similar to running a race on prosthetic legs?

It must feel so good to run, but the runner isn’t really FEELING the ground under their feet.

When I’m pegging, it’s like, “OMG, YES!!! I’m DOING the fucking and it feels SO GOOD, but I can’t really FEEEEEL it…”

How much better must this feel with a real penis??

(This DOES NOT mean that I’d rather have a penis than a pussy, by the way.)