May 212011

So, in case any of you missed the memo, the end of the world is nigh. Nigh, as in NOW. I have to admit that as a young teen, I had some experience with Pentecostal Christians, tales of The Rapture, The Bride of Christ being taken away and the rest of us ( OBVIOUSLY the cool /fun people) left behind. To me, this just means that I can now afford REALLY NICE STUFF if all the stores will be unmanned. Looting, anyone??


By the way, I’m here to say that I unequivocally call BULLSHIT on this. There. You heard it here first, kids.

All this Rapture rap got me thinking, though, about being ‘enraptured’ and what that means.

Enraptured: tr.v. en·rap·tured, en·rap·tur·ing, en·rap·tures: To fill with rapture or delight.

en·rapture·ment : n. Synonyms: enrapture, entrance2, ravish, thrill, transport
These verbs mean to have a powerful, agreeable, and often overwhelming emotional effect on someone.

I know that regular readers of this blog might think that my relationship with Whitman is fraught with drama…what  with all of the email-reading, Dom/sub, naughty points, extra people-fucking, etc. We sound like a couple of insecure whacked out sex-crazed kids sometimes.

But TRULY, I AM ENRAPTURED. DAILY (see definitions above).  I am AMAZED daily by the love that we have. I am delighted and filled with wonderment at how this love found me, or found us. I thrill every moment that we are together and think constantly about the next time that we will be together.  I CAN’T BELIEVE I’m so lucky to have this man in my life. Overwhelming. Really.

That being said, since today’s OBVIOUSLY everyone’s last day on Earth, let’s GET FUCKING, FOLKS!

May 172011

From our Tumblr site at, it’s Top Tumblr Tuesday #9.

Yes, we skipped last week. No reason. Just a mini blog break. So this week we bring you two. Whitman chose them both for our Tumblr site and SexFairy selected these two for TTT. They are very different and very sexy.

Slut tied to shower rod Dressed in only Sparkles


Click the photos to see them larger on our Naughtyspot Tumblr site.

Which do you like better?

Which would you rather come home to?        or….
Which would you rather be done TO you?

May 172011

I will say, within a day or instituting the NaughtyPoint system, SexFairy became a much more obedient sub. To be clear, our dom/sub relationship is NOT of the 24/7 variety. It’s restricted to bedroom / sexual activities. However I can turn DOM in my head and it may take a minute for SexFairy to realize the change. My voice changes, my demeanor changes, everything. And once she sees the change, she changes too.

But this latest transgression was outside of that part of our relationship. Sexy laptop spy

I had been using her computer, and left an old email account open. Finding the account open, SexFairy decided to do some snooping and read my emails. There were only a few, but they were between an old flame of mine who for better or worse, lives 2781 miles away, plus one ferry ride.

SexFairy told me she read them right after. And while I don’t have anything to hide, she should not have read them. And she knows that. Had she asked to read them, I would have said yes. But as she did not, I hereby award ONE NAUGHTY POINT. The COUNTER is up by one. 

The punishment for this point should be something special. Hmmm. Ideas?

May 152011

I live off a few computers. One is a laptop, that is always found where I am.

This weekend, on Friday, I lost track of the laptop and the bag it was in. By Saturday afternoon, I was convinced it had been stolen; grabbed from my car while I was taking groceries into the house. Saturday evening found me filling out a police report with what little information I could cobble together in my head.

laptop thiefSaturday night, I barely slept. Why? The laptop and accompanying flash drive contained hundreds, if not thousands of photos of me, SexFairy, former girlfriends, and one movie of me showering and fucking a former girlfriend. The computer is replaceable. Everything in my bag is replaceable. I had copies of all the photos and the movie stored elsewhere.

What kept me up, worrying, thinking, pondering, was if someone got ahold of all that, what would they do with it. What COULD they do with my photos. What could they do with photos of former girlfriends topless and naked, photos of SexFairy tied spread eagle to a bed, photos of SexFairy sucking my cock taken from a balcony by a friend? ALL LEFT ON THE stolen porn videosLAPTOPS HARD DRIVE!!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?

They could post the photos on various porn sites. They could upload the video to an exgf porn site. They could try and blackmail me with the data. They could pass photos of SexFairy with her sexy well spanked ass in the air to all their friends. This afternoon, we found my laptop and all the paraphernalia that accompanied it.

I plan on taking all sex related data off the laptop. It can mostly live in a cloud environment or on a plethora of assorted backup hardware. The remainder, I’ll be encrypting on a bit level that will be henceforth unavailable to anyone but very skilled members of the NSA.

Do you carry on your person, data you’d shudder to think about getting out? I’ll write up the steps I take in a future post. In the meantime, beware you horny pervs, you! I love you, but do you want us all to see you in your Sunday naked best?

May 152011

I have an issue. It’s an inability to TALK during sex. It’s an inability to communicate, really. I think lots of things, and it turns out that sometimes I THINK I’ve SAID the things out loud, but not really. It’s a very strange short-circuit between my sexy bits and my brain.  The short list of things I think / think I’ve said when fucking or being fucked by Whitman goes something like this (in no particular order):

OHYES your mouth feels so good on my cunt!
OHMYGODYES Fuck. Me Harder!
I love your big hard cock, ohmygod it’s so perfect!
NEVER stop fucking me! I want you to FUCK ME ALL NIGHT LONG!
Oh, no! Not the <toy / instrument of pleasure / instrument of pain>!
Oh, YESSS!! The  <toy / instrument of pleasure / instrument of pain>!
Fuck my ass! Yes, yes, yes, I want you to fuck my ass!
I want you in my ass,  balls deep!

Breakthrough!  The other day, naked with my ass propped in the air (which was being inspected and smacked and FINALLY fucked  balls-deep by Whitman), I was THINKING those last four on the list. As he pounded my ass, It was VERY IMPORTANT to me that I convey to him “Please don’t stop.” The most I was able to formulate was the ‘YES! YES! FUCK YESSS!’

It did the trick. He didn’t stop. He was shocked, however, by my use of ACTUAL WORDS. He claims it’s the first. time. ever.

When he mentioned it, I told Whitman him that no, I’m pretty sure I’ve SAID THINGS out loud before, like “Fuck.” “OHMYGODFUCK.” or “Ohyes!” He insists no, that I mostly just ‘speak’ in variations of heavy breathing (I think this includes different ‘sex sounds’ like moaning and whimpering as well). I’m pretty sure this was a one-time event, BUT I’m PERFECTLY WILLING to try again to find out.  ;)

May 122011


We will return to our regularly scheduled programming shortly…

May 062011


not meSo, apparently MAY is National Masturbation Month. I’m not sure who decided this, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a congressional decree (like, say…National DANCE DAY), but it’s all over the internet, so it must be real! I don’t know about the rest of you, but In my world, it’s Masturbation Month EVERY MONTH!!

Whitman has recently let me know that I’ll need his permission to pleasure myself. I’m happy to observe this rule. BUT, hopefully observance of this IMPORTANT NATIONAL commemorative month will buy me some (play)time and keep me out of the Naughty Points.

I’m going to let Whitman know about National Masturbation Month, which of course shall now be known as the month of “May I?”

May 042011

Facebook has changed the face of my work day. Even though I work in a small office, it’s like I work in a huge office with ALL OF MY FRIENDS. (and some random people) ALL DAY LONG. Everyone is there, posting little thoughts, snarky comments, political insight both brilliant and inane.
Someone will post a music video of an 80’s pop hit with the caption, “I’m jamming! Jam with me!” or “OMG I forgot how much I love this song!” They want everyone else to like it, too.

I post links to articles I find fascinating and/or interesting knowing DAMN WELL nobody will think so but me. Just like real life!! Try this one:

So why do we do this? There’s some need to connect with people, with friends old and new, to SHARE something that we enjoy, sounds good, is yummy, or makes us think. At least that’s what I THINK is going on here.

Then I realized that’s also pretty much why we’re all writing about our sex lives, whether they’re crazy or mundane. We want to share! We might not want to share our significant other in REAL LIFE, but we can share all the details of how hot and sexy he or she is for sure. It’s our sex! It’s kinky, it’s glorious, it’s fun, it’s crazy, we CAN’T tell our ‘real’ Facebook friends all the fun stuff we’re doing, so what the hell? Why not tell the rest of the world?! It’s so lovely to know that there are others out there having just as much fun as we are, and we can join them and they can join us, and it’s like we’re all working together all day long. In one big sexbloggy office. Fuck yes!

May 032011

From our Tumblr site at, it’s Top Tumblr Tuesday #8.

This weeks top tumblr is a sex position known as the RUSTY TROMBONE.

Rusty trombone is a euphemism for a sexual act in which a man stands with his knees and back slightly bent, with feet at least shoulder width apart in order to expose the anus.[1] The other partner typically kneels behind the man and performs analingus while reaching up beneath the testicles or around the body to manually administer rapid up and down motions of the penis, mimicking the motions of a trombone player.[1][2]

Rusty Trombone

Click the photo to see it larger on our Tumblr site.

Come to think of it, I haven’t received my rusty trombone yet. Ahem. Is my SexFairy reading this? She better be. I’ll report on the results soon.

And on a funny note, apparently in some couples, one partner’s understanding of what a “rusty trombone” is, is different than the others!

Husband wants a rusty trombone for his birthday

She needs to read up on sexual terms or metallurgy, as of course, trombones are made of brass, which does not rust.

May 032011

As promised, I’m here with an update on my lubricant research/trials. I was really happy to receive this Sliquid Sea for review from Good Vibrations because it’s just a little bit different. Besides being glycerin- and paraben-free, it’s also infused with three different seaweed extracts! Yes! Seaweed! Three of them! In addition to boosting the slipperiness of the Sliquid, the seaweeds are intended as a healthful bonus (as if having hot sex isn’t a health bonus enough!).

  • Each extract provides an added boost for your health: Carrageenan, while also being one of natures most effective natural lubricants, has also been shown to reduce the transmission of HPV (Human Papillomavirus). Wakame is a seaweed that contains B vitamins, and reduces inflammation and improves elasticity in your skin. Nori is an algae that prevents oxidation of the skin and is a very effective natural moisturizer. Together, these natural extracts of the sea blend with our Naturals H2O lubricant, to provide a slippery, sensual lubricant with the natural healing properties of the sea.

Those are some pretty serious claims! While I can’t vouch for the virus-transmission-reduction properties, nor the inflammation-reduction claim, I CAN say that I found Sliquid Sea to be VERY moisturizing. As a matter of fact, I kept rubbing it into my hands for the moisturizing effect after the sex test was over!

In our experience, water-based lubricants vary widely in how sticky and how quickly they disappear.This water-based lubricant is definitely NOT sticky (a major plus)! It DOES, however, seem to be absorbed pretty quickly, so we used a LOT of it for this test. We’ve used it for cunt-rubbing, cock-stroking, pussy and ass-fucking, all with great results. Sliquid Sea has no real smell, and no taste. I can definitely see us using this again. And again. And again.
(ALTHOUGH…next on my to-lube list is some silicone lube!)

Sliquid is featured at as part of their ecorotic line of natural and organic sex products that are good for you and have a low environmental impact.