May 172011

From our Tumblr site at, it’s Top Tumblr Tuesday #9.

Yes, we skipped last week. No reason. Just a mini blog break. So this week we bring you two. Whitman chose them both for our Tumblr site and SexFairy selected these two for TTT. They are very different and very sexy.

Slut tied to shower rod Dressed in only Sparkles


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Which do you like better?

Which would you rather come home to?        or….
Which would you rather be done TO you?

Apr 052011

From our Tumblr site at it’s Top Tumblr Tuesday #4.

SexFairy selected this and sent me this note:
         “THIS photo that you posted in our Tumblr makes me so hot every time I see it. I’m not sure why, since I don’t really like girls that much IN THAT WAY…Maybe it’s the sparkles. ”

mmmm, sparkles

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