May 122012

gingham dress, petticoat, sexy in heels


She puts on her white socks, her shiny black 5” heels, and her Dorothy outfit with petticoats, and then tells me she is so sorry, that she forgot her panties.

Am I upset, or thankful.

I play being upset, and show her how upset her Daddy is at her, by making her sweet ass bright red with my hand.

I love Saturdays.

Mar 182012

Fifty Shades of GreyThe erotic story “Fifty Shades of Grey” is all over the news suddenly. It’s being labeled as ‘mommy porn’ and something like mainstream BDSM. Somehow ‘mainstream BDSM’ sounds like an oxymoron, BUT there is the promise of bondage and spanking. I must admit  I also can’t stand to be ‘out of the loop’ culturally, so of course I’ve downloaded the book. I’m now in the loop for better or worse. (Mostly worse, but I can’t put the damn thing down.) Consider this a Public Service Announcement:

I’ve quickly made it to page 50 out of over 300, and STILL. NO. SEX. No spanking, no kneeling, no service.

What I’ve read so far is like a cross between the wretched reading that is Twilight (considering that this story started out as Twilight “fan fiction” that makes sense) and a Harlequin Romance. Here is one of my favorite least-favorite lines:“Ana, there’s something about him.” Her tone is full of warning. “He’s gorgeous, I agree, but I think he’s dangerous. Especially to someone like you.”

Blahblahblahblah! Get to the SPANKING ALREADYYYYYYYYYYY!!

Gak. It’s sappy, and it’s not well written. I’m just here for the smut, OBVIOUSLY.

Update: I have finally arrived at the spanking and sex scenes. I’m unimpressed, although I can see how this has sparked the imagination of women everywhere. The reality is that it’s sort of “BDSM lite” but it does remind me that I’m really ready to get back to some raunchy sex with Whitman.

carrie's story



For what it’s worth, there is a MUCH better book called Carrie’s Story with essentially the same concept – college student owned by handsome zillionaire, but it’s well-written and extremely sexy. Spend your money there.

Feb 142012

My Dear SexFairy,

You are inappropriately named as SexFairy. For you are neither mythical as a Fairy, nor do you cater to only my sexuality. You are the nourishment of my soul.

Yesterday’s New York Times has an article about the “Benefits of Exuberance” where a study’s author is quoted as saying “But if you combine this adventurousness and curiosity with persistence and a sense that it’s not all about you, then you get the kind of creativity that benefits society as a whole.” It goes on to link out to a quiz called  “The Well Quiz: How Adventurous Are You?”  – [We both took the test. SexFairy got a 49 and I a 57] Keira Knightley belted

Two quotes from the movie A Dangerous Method were particularly notable to me.

  • The first…When Jung tells Sabina that his love-making with his wife is “tender” she replies: “With me I want you to be ferocious; I want you to punish me.”
  • Later she comments that “true sexuality demands the destruction of the ego.” Which is followed immediately by this wonderful belt spanking scene.

I note these seemingly disparate items as a summary of what’s perfect about us. We both want novelty and change in our lives.  While we could do this apart, we are both freer to explore the world and ourselves, together. I am naturally ferocious with you, as you want me to be.

Every day is Valentines Day with you my SexFairy. Now come home so I can tie you to the banister and paddle your ass royally.

Eternally ours, Whitman.

Feb 282011

My teenaged kids have a running joke about things I like. It goes like this: “Mom gets off on sparkly things, cute packaging, Jimmy John’s subs, high heels…” You get the idea. They just add things on as I express excitement about, admiration for, or the desire to own something. It’s an ever-growing and completely random list. They think they’re funny. Sometimes they are.

Every time I hear this joke, I think “OMG, they have no idea!!” What mom GETS OFF ON are things like…well yes, high heels, but even  more so when they’re pushed back over my head; I so get off on having my ass spanked. HARD. I’m into sex blogging & sex toy reviewing, looking at naughty Tumblr porn, and sometimes watching really, REALLY DIRTY hardcore porn…like girls-choking-on-cocks porn. I especially like this porn while I’m on my knees sucking/choking on Whitman’s cock (so in THAT case, HE’S watching really dirty hardcore porn. I’m just an accessory). I love being on my knees, and I love being an accessory, actually – just used as a sex object, a fucktoy, a hole or two (or three…).

I get off on him choking me, slapping me, sitting on my chest with his back to  me and forcing me to orgasm repeatedly with the Hitachi and a crazy attachment, or torturing my nipples. The list goes on and on…

IMG_0494 (Large) - Copy

Seriously. They have NO. IDEA.