Apr 252011

SexFairy asked me what I want in this recent post.

She deserves an answer:

Blonde Brunette RedheadI want blonde.
I want brunette.
I want redhead.
I want white, black, asian, latino.
I want shaved, landing strip, hairy.
I want one, two, three.
I want to be gentle. I want to be rough.
I want to keep you pure. I want to make you dirty.
I want to respect you. I want to humiliate you.
I want to own you. I want to share you.
I want to be only yours. I want you to taste her on my cock.
I want us to be always honest about what we want, to want it all, and spend the rest of our lives together going after the world.

Mar 132011

I used my belt on her ass. Then rubbed her pussy with lube, then fingered her, then hitachi’d her pussy (with attachment), then hitachi’d her ass while I fucked her pussy. Then more belt.

THEN, I fucked her ass, hard, for a long time. Very hard.

Hot, but not us

Afterward, she said, “Thank you, for fucking my ass. That makes me so happy”.

I couldn’t help but agree.