Feb 142012

My Dear SexFairy,

You are inappropriately named as SexFairy. For you are neither mythical as a Fairy, nor do you cater to only my sexuality. You are the nourishment of my soul.

Yesterday’s New York Times has an article about the “Benefits of Exuberance” where a study’s author is quoted as saying “But if you combine this adventurousness and curiosity with persistence and a sense that it’s not all about you, then you get the kind of creativity that benefits society as a whole.” It goes on to link out to a quiz called  “The Well Quiz: How Adventurous Are You?”  – [We both took the test. SexFairy got a 49 and I a 57] Keira Knightley belted

Two quotes from the movie A Dangerous Method were particularly notable to me.

  • The first…When Jung tells Sabina that his love-making with his wife is “tender” she replies: “With me I want you to be ferocious; I want you to punish me.”
  • Later she comments that “true sexuality demands the destruction of the ego.” Which is followed immediately by this wonderful belt spanking scene.

I note these seemingly disparate items as a summary of what’s perfect about us. We both want novelty and change in our lives.  While we could do this apart, we are both freer to explore the world and ourselves, together. I am naturally ferocious with you, as you want me to be.

Every day is Valentines Day with you my SexFairy. Now come home so I can tie you to the banister and paddle your ass royally.

Eternally ours, Whitman.

Feb 122012

sparkler-cupcakes-thumb18709828Happy Birthday to Us!! What a fun year of blogging it’s been…thanks to everyone who’s been reading along. Happy Birthday to you, too! Now bend over!!

It’s so hard to believe, but this little Naughty Spot is over a year old. Even though our first “test posts” were on February 1st, our first “real post,” Sleep Choking, came later in the month. I just re-read it and had a flashback of how hot that moment was in real life. I love the way that Whitman knows what I need, sexually and otherwise, without me saying a word.

There have been so many sexy moments like that this past year, but somehow we’ve let the blog-writing part of our lives slip away a little bit. I promise, Dear Reader, that I will pick it up a little.  If not, I just might deserve a spanking of another sort.

Feb 082012

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us. To me, this is one of the easiest holidays ever. There are so many sweetly cheesy and romantic ways to show my love for Whitman. Candy, photos, sex toys, lingerie…

Speaking of presents, EdenFantasys is having a really sexy and exciting promotion right now, and it makes shopping super-easy (and even MORE addictive)! It’s a Valentine’s Day countdown calendar with a new special, free gift, or sale each day leading up to the holiday! So far there have been one-day sales on massage oils and candles, men’s self-love toys, and my favorite, the “free panty with any lingerie purchase” special. Every day a new special is revealed. It’s like opening a present from EdenFantasys every day!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys storeSpeaking of unwrapping presents, EdenFantasys has a huge new selection of lingerie, including bra and panty sets. I love to wrap myself up like a present for Whitman to unwrap, spank, and then fuck. They’ve also got some great new sexy and romantic bath and body products. Time to get shopping, ladies (and gents)!!

Feb 072012

bikini top montage

that’s all, or did you want more?

Feb 052012

So I have a choice today.

Gay footballI can gather some friends, pick up a pile of fattening / greasy / spicy food, all sit on some overstuffed couch in front of a large screen overpriced television set, and watch a bunch of men run around a field while smashing their bodies against each other and occasionally patting their buddie’s butts, aka the Super Bowl XVIIVLMX between some team and some other team.


nice-firldI can find a hot woman (which I already have), put her in some skimpy lingerie and heels, bend her over the bed, and fuck her asshole till I’m ready to cum all over her face.

So the question you should ask yourself, if which really makes you more of a man (hetero implied here with no offense towards non-hetero males). To me major sports is generally about men celebrating men in a soap opera of physical prowess. Personally, I’d rather have my cock deep inside a sexy female (any hole will do).

Boys playing with balls, or women playing with my balls?

I made my choice years ago.

Feb 012012

Threesomes. They’re everywhere. If you’re hanging around people who are into sex at all, this will soon seem to be no big deal. I mean people are doing it all the time, right? Has anyone ever thought much about the types of threesomes out there? (I’m just talking about FMF threesomes this time. I’ll address MFM another time.)

Even though we’ve had threesomes, it feels like Whitman’s never had a “real” threesome with me. We’ve had a few three-way encounters with another girl, but they’ve been mostly about me. My bi-girlie friend likes to get with me it seems, and though we all three have sex together and all at the same time, it feels like the play revolves around me.

We did have the encounter with the daddy’s girl, but that was only a quasi-threesome. I was more of a facilitator, helping as needed, but not fully participating.

This Sex Fairy can’t wait for the day when I can deliver this to Whitman: A threesome for HIM. You know, two girls, one cock…tumblr_lxuyr5JaOO1r6rkheo1_500

Imagine the possibilities; two mouths on his cock; one mouth on his balls and one on his cock; both rimming and cocksucking all at once; one girl sitting on his dick, and one on his tongue…