sparkler-cupcakes-thumb18709828Happy Birthday to Us!! What a fun year of blogging it’s been…thanks to everyone who’s been reading along. Happy Birthday to you, too! Now bend over!!

It’s so hard to believe, but this little Naughty Spot is over a year old. Even though our first “test posts” were on February 1st, our first “real post,” Sleep Choking, came later in the month. I just re-read it and had a flashback of how hot that moment was in real life. I love the way that Whitman knows what I need, sexually and otherwise, without me saying a word.

There have been so many sexy moments like that this past year, but somehow we’ve let the blog-writing part of our lives slip away a little bit. I promise, Dear Reader, that I will pick it up a little.  If not, I just might deserve a spanking of another sort.

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