Feb 052012

So I have a choice today.

Gay footballI can gather some friends, pick up a pile of fattening / greasy / spicy food, all sit on some overstuffed couch in front of a large screen overpriced television set, and watch a bunch of men run around a field while smashing their bodies against each other and occasionally patting their buddie’s butts, aka the Super Bowl XVIIVLMX between some team and some other team.


nice-firldI can find a hot woman (which I already have), put her in some skimpy lingerie and heels, bend her over the bed, and fuck her asshole till I’m ready to cum all over her face.

So the question you should ask yourself, if which really makes you more of a man (hetero implied here with no offense towards non-hetero males). To me major sports is generally about men celebrating men in a soap opera of physical prowess. Personally, I’d rather have my cock deep inside a sexy female (any hole will do).

Boys playing with balls, or women playing with my balls?

I made my choice years ago.