Nov 112011

As much as I hate to admit it, it happens sometimes: I gag on Whitman’s cock. Even if I try not to, it’s definitely rather large, and he’s into thrusting, and he’s very powerful, and, well…you know… I think he likes it when I gag, and I like what he likes, I’m just terrified I’ll actually vomit one day.

I’m SO going to try THIS the next time I feel a gag coming on…Stop your gag reflex

WHITMAN Comment: I would kind of like to gag her so hard she does puke up on my cock….but maybe not after pizza.

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  1. uh… think about it. i had someone throw up on my cock after i came in her mouth. fried chicken and potatoes and lots of vodka. it was memorable in that we had to get up, strip the bed, and jump into the shower to clean ourselves and the sheets.

  2. I find that when I gag….it causes a rush of wetness in other more interesting places. No idea why that is but its a great side effect.


  3. I love gagging on my boyfriend’s cock. It makes me really wet and I can cum from it. ;-)

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