Mar 202011

I think all men should be anally penetrated (by something larger than a pinky) before they can fuck a woman in the ass.

Sort of like a drivers’ license test.

What do you think?

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  1. If only I thought of this before I let my husband!

    That being said, I’d prefer to be penetrated than to penerate a man..

    Mrs Fun :)

  2. For all the guys who are total asses about fucking a girl in the ass, totally. In the end, only my patient and understanding Dom was granted assess, I mean, access to my butt. Cumpletely worth the wait …

  3. Interesting idea but I know for sure that it ain’t never going to happen here… LOL


  4. Can’t you see it, though…used in personal ads??

    “Tall, handsome, sexy man with Anal License seeks…”

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