Feb 232011

So, “What’s up with this “naughty spot,” you ask?

If you have kids or were a kid, you surely know about ‘the naughty spot,’ or ‘the time out chair,’ or ‘the naughty step,’ or whatever you call it. (Whatever happened to the classic: “GO TO YOUR ROOM!?”)
Maybe you DON’T know about ‘time out’ – maybe your parents BEAT you. Hopefully not. Anyway, THIS blog is like THAT spot.TimeOutChairPic

It’s the naughty spot for a couple of naughty bloggers. We have SUCH a naughty, delicious, sexy, and juicy story to tell, and were doing a pretty nice job of telling it, I thought…but things sort of got derailed. And now, after all the drama-dust has settled, here we are, in the blogger equivalent of the time out spot, even though I’d REALLY prefer a good spanking.

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  1. I am wondering if the naughty spot also has a wet spot?


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