Jun 222012

School Girl upside downAhhhhh, summertime, when thoughts turn to schoolgirl costumes! It boggles the mind to consider the varieties of schoolgirl outfits available these days. I’m not even talking about do-it-yourself outfits (like mine). You know, just grab a plaid skirt and a white shirt and some cute stockings and shoes. Throw on a push-up bra, some ruffled panties, and tie up a ponytail and voila! Instant school girl! I wore that last weekend for the first time in a while. I think Whitman was glad to see the outfit make an appearance again, and I know I enjoyed wearing it! No wonder this is such a classic fantasy outfit. It looks sexy and it feels damn sexy!!

Sexy School girl with rulerI’m talking about the actual role-play costumes available for purchase out there.  They’re proliferating like sex toys!! There are demure schoolgirls with jackets and layers of undies, bikini-top schoolgirls, crotchless schoolgirls, red, white, and blue schoolgirls.

The names are the funniest thing. Of course there are ‘classic school girl’ and ‘naughty school girl’ but there are also very creative school girls. Don’t miss ‘Sister Fellatio’s School for Girls,’ Deviant School Girl’, and my favorite, the ‘Summer School Drop Out’ (that’s my favorite name of a costume, not necessarily my favorite costume).
In any case, I believe I’ll wear my plaid skirt, knee socks, and high-heeled mary janes this weekend for Whitman. Because as he just reminded me as I made a slightly naughty comment, I “have so much to learn.”