Nov 102011

You arrive late in the night from a long, long journey. We hug, then kiss, then collapse on the bed, you on top of me, my arms and legs wrapped around you. I can’t hold you tightly enough. I want to eat you up. Your weight, your smell, your skin feels so familiar, so hot, and yet so comforting. FINALLY.


Just seeing you makes me wet, but now is not the time. We break our embrace and arrange ourselves under the covers, each trying to touch every part of the other with some part of our own. The sound of your breath makes me love you even more.  I’m amazed by the feel of your hands roaming over my body, squeezing a handful of breast here, stroking a soft lip there, your hand holding tightly to my waist as we fall asleep breathing the same breath.

Jul 132011

heart_rate_by_shorty6636-d33l3usHave you ever had one? Do you know what it is? If not, I feel so sorry for you.

You know that feeling of ‘ohmygodiloveyousomuchandicouldjusteatyouuprightnow’ that you sometimes get when you’re in love?? Sometimes it just comes over me like a wave.
Like an orgasmic love wave. I feel it sneaking up and building, and then just BAM! OHMYGOD!
I just start smiling and want to kiss Whitman’s face off.
It’s just a burst of “I just LOVE HIM SO MUCH!”

THAT’S a lovegasm. I hope you have multiples.