Jul 132011

heart_rate_by_shorty6636-d33l3usHave you ever had one? Do you know what it is? If not, I feel so sorry for you.

You know that feeling of ‘ohmygodiloveyousomuchandicouldjusteatyouuprightnow’ that you sometimes get when you’re in love?? Sometimes it just comes over me like a wave.
Like an orgasmic love wave. I feel it sneaking up and building, and then just BAM! OHMYGOD!
I just start smiling and want to kiss Whitman’s face off.
It’s just a burst of “I just LOVE HIM SO MUCH!”

THAT’S a lovegasm. I hope you have multiples.

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  1. Oh, yes, I know that feeling. So, so much. It’s the best! :-)

    Faile xx

  2. I know what you mean, hun. It’s warm fuzzies to the point where I think I just might explode into girly squealing and hugs. The further I get in my marriage, the more I have them, since things have gotten better between us. It’s wonderful, that giddy feeling of electricity flowing through my veins.

    Love the image, by the way!

    • Sometimes I actually DO explode into girly squealing and hugs!
      It’s not my image, but it’s oh-so-fitting, completely.

  3. Oh yes, in fact he is sitting next to me right now and I can feel one coming on…..the need to reach out and touch him, tell him I love him and kiss all over…..


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