Apr 192012

Of all the penis-shaped toys we have, this one is the most special. Our friends over at Erotic Toy Town thought we might enjoy making a clone of my cock. And did we ever. So a couple weeks ago we received the Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Kit. This is a tube that contains everything you need to first make a mold of your penis, and then fill that mold to make a clone of your penis.

We were admittedly a bit concerned about getting it right and had some fear that even a slight mistake my result in a failed effort. So, we read the instructions, over and over. We searched the internet for other people’s attempts and suggestions. We talked about the steps and how we would do them, kind of practicing in our heads.

On the day of, we laid it all out, and got all set. A bit of stroking and my cock was nice and hard. SexFairy sucked on my cock while I mixed the mold material and poured it into the tube. There was a minor mental challenge doing something rather clinical and scientific feeling while at the same time being all turned on and hard. But if you’ve ever had SexFairy suck on your cock (and a few of you have) then you’ll know it’s pretty fucking hot.

In the end we decided not to use the included vibrator. While an interesting add on, we felt that one, SexFairy doesn’t need the vibration to enjoy it, two, we have plenty of other vibrating toys, and three, without the vibrator, the cock will stand upright on its own.

Click on the first image in the slide show for a walk through, with more text descriptions, of our experience with Clone-A-Willy.



  • read all the instructions carefully and get everything ready before you start
  • have her suck your cock while you mix the mold and pour it into the tube
  • move quickly, not stopping – mix – pour – insert dick
  • trust it’s working, and let it solidify around your cock
  • remove cock from mold slowly, you may want to wait ’til you soften up a bit
  • wait two hours before pouring in the Willy liquid
  • be patient before you remove the Willy– 24 hours it says
  • enjoy the fuck out of knowing your cock is preserved for eternity

Oh, and be sure to get yours from Erotic Toy Town. One of our favorite sex toy shops.