Apr 252011

SexFairy asked me what I want in this recent post.

She deserves an answer:

Blonde Brunette RedheadI want blonde.
I want brunette.
I want redhead.
I want white, black, asian, latino.
I want shaved, landing strip, hairy.
I want one, two, three.
I want to be gentle. I want to be rough.
I want to keep you pure. I want to make you dirty.
I want to respect you. I want to humiliate you.
I want to own you. I want to share you.
I want to be only yours. I want you to taste her on my cock.
I want us to be always honest about what we want, to want it all, and spend the rest of our lives together going after the world.

Apr 072011

Whitman and I were talking last night, and I began to reminisce about our first date(s). Somehow, rapidly (but not shockingly) the conversation turned to sex. We were talking about the new Naughty Points system that he instituted, and I told him how surprised I was by it.
I also told him how glad I was that he surprised me with it. And how hot it made me.

I earned points before I even knew we had a point system! He posted here about it, and I read the rules along with the rest of the world. It was perfect that way – the Whitman Sneak Attack. I had no time to ponder, dwell, or fret over the impending system. It caused me to IMMEDIATELY snap to attention, and focus my mind on HIM/us/my wet cunt. (I DO NOW have time to ponder and fret over impending punishments, though… When? What? How much?)

This may seem out of line to some people in D/s relationships where everything is negotiated and spelled out in advance. To me, this was just another example of the perfect evolution of our relationship, and especially the evolution of the KINKY parts of our relationship. It’s like Whitman just KNOWS me…maybe better than I know my SELF (and he’s right. As usual.
I DEFINITELY need some re-training).

I’ve always had a predilection for submissive sex, but shared that with very few people.
I’ve never explored it fully. I wondered out loud to Whitman how it even came up in our relationship. We’ve always been wide open emotionally and sexually with each other. I guessed THAT’S how it came up.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Whitman, though, reminded me that I had started dropping hints early on, and he took it from there. (He’d grasped my hands in a certain way over dinner…I asked him about it the next day. He claimed it was innocent; I still think he knew what he was doing…even subconsciously).

It has progressed from that ‘innocent’ hand-grab, to light restraint and spanking to heavier restraint, heavier physical torment, sensory deprivation, breath play, denial (of whatever), etc., etc., etc.…
It’s like a never-ending flow of ideas and exploration.
I want it to keep going and growing. Forever.
I want to be everything to him. (We do have a very real relationship OUTSIDE of Dom/sub sex, but it is so fluid. We move from one to the other and back effortlessly.)

69_in_contemplation_lrgRight now, I want to explore further a service-oriented submission…kneeling at his feet, sucking his cock while he works, doing his bidding at mealtimes, crawling, corseted on hands and knees to bring him the belt to spank me. You know, just regular stuff. ;) I want to get to a really deep place of submission…to be able to stop battling with my ‘real world’ self about what’s okay and what’s acceptable, and just let. it. go.

I really, REALLY want to get to a place where I can FULLY appreciate his pleasure for just what it is, and focus on that… For instance, if he WANTS or NEEDS to have sex with someone else, (or wants ME to have sex with someone else, for that matter), I want to WANT THAT for him. That part might take me a while, but I’m working on it.

Apr 012011

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Mar 312011

I miss my lover.

Whitman and I are in a “some distance” relationship. It’s not exactly LONG long-distance, but we are definitely separated by time, place, and other people.  For years it was even more so…we only saw each other occasionally…maybe once a month or so. That’s recently changed, and we’re spending mad amounts of time together these days. It’s heavenly.

While we’ve been able to spend much more time together lately than we’ve ever  been able to, I’m alone tonight.

I remember this feeling all too well, and I don’t like it.

Hurry back to me, my sexy man!!

Mar 232011

“You can’t clean up a LOVEGASM. It just spurts all over the place!” lovegasm


Mar 122011

One of the many (many, MANY, MANY) things that I love about Whitman is that he is dominant in such a sexy way.  It’s instinctive.
In real life he is completely charming and gentlemanly. He is forceful without being overbearing.
In our sex life, he is also completely charming and gentlemanly, and totally forceful without being overbearing.
However…he ALSO knows how to handle me, to speak to me, to look at me.
I’m helpless.

I’m a grownup, sexy (sometimes even HOT), independent woman.
Yet  I give myself completely to this man.
I want to fulfill his every desire.
I become his toy, his tool, his fairy making wishes come true.
I am his.

Here is what is so very hot to me: He doesn’t feel the need to boast about this power, or tell how he can force (“encourage” in his own special way) me to do naughty and humiliating things.
He certainly CAN share stories at any time, and I’m sure he WILL eventually.
But it’s not a NEED.

He can control me completely at any time, with just a look a word, or a motion.
He knows. I know.

Mar 062011

crazy for you

As Sex Fairy said here.

Mar 052011

SexFairy and I recently went to this local beachside festival. It was hundreds of people with a heavy proportion of college age men and women wandering all over. After getting our second round of beers, we are standing face to face, sipping down enough beer so as not to spill as we walk around more.

SexFairy is telling me some story (I have no idea what, to be blunt) as this woman walked by, stopping just behind my Fairy. About 20 and thin I know what you are looking atwith dark hair something in the range of healthy C cups and just enough nipple poke to catch, and HOLD my eyes.

It could have been hours, but more likely less than 10 seconds, when SexFairy says, “what are you looking at”, and then she says, staring at my reflective sunglasses, “I know what you are are looking at. I can see her reflection in your glasses.”

I quickly move my gaze back to my SexFairy, smile, and say, “I love you so much, my clever lover.”

At one time, in other relationships, I most likely would have lied, or fumbled some “nothing” answer. But with SexFairy, I tell her everything, and she relishes in that as much as I do.

So you dogs out there, remember, while your sunglasses my hide your eyes, they don’t hide your direction, and yes I mean that in more than one way.

Mar 022011

imageI guess I had a dream, though I can’t recall it. It must have been the night prior, which I spent alone. By the time I got to my “Fairy” the next day, I wanted nothing more than to bury my face into her pussy. It was more a subconscious need, like a drug addiction I couldn’t shake, a high I absolutely just HAD to have.

We got into bed and I went to town. I think I was down there, licking, teasing, sucking, nibbling, biting, all with a smattering of hand stimulation, for about an hour. She eventually had to force me to stop following 6 or 7 orgasms. It just kept going.

I look forward to my next dive into compulsive cunnilingus.

Feb 212011

… I want to masturbate while you watch.