Jul 042011

imageIt was late that night. We had been drinking, laughing, enjoying each other as we always do. I wanted to change things up a bit. I often want to change things up a bit. New, varied, different.

This is Maria Ozawa (Wikipedia). She is a Japanese porn star, born of a Japanese mother and a French-Canadian father, giving her a very sexy combination look. Something about this video really works for me. It must be the way she and her partner are all oiled up and then how she slides her rather perfect body across his in a variety of positions.

That night I placed my Sex Fairy in an ass up, doggy ready position on the bed, facing to the side. There in front of her I moved a small table upon which I put my laptop facing her. Pulling up the video below, I fucked SexFairy from behind while we both enjoyed watching.

I came very hard inside SexFairy that night.

Maria Ozawa Gives Oil Massage
(sorry about the pixelation – those silly Japanese)

Last night, we did it again. Rare for me to repeat a sexual scene, but this one is too good to pass up. I encourage you all to load up this video, and start fucking your partner in a way you can both watch.

As they say in my local Chinese restaurant, “enjoy”.

May 242011

I keep thinking about how I prefer female nudes. So often the black and white version looks so classic. Yet the color is where I “get off”.

As an experiment, I took the same color photograph of this sexy female oiled nude and made identical versions of B&W and Sepia to see which version I really preferred.

Oiled Female nude in black and white Oiled Female nude in sepia Oiled Female nude in color

My conclusion?

I want to fuck all three of them.