Mar 042011

charlie sheenSeriously. I am. Whitman has noted that it seems I’m obsessed with getting my next ‘fix’ of the Charlie Sheen meltdown. He’s right.  I am. I am one hundred percent fascinated. I feel sort of bad about it – I mean, the guy is OBVIOUSLY having a manic episode IF he’s not on mass amounts of cocaine.
(Maybe both – my God, what a combo THAT must be!)
I just can’t stop watching/reading/smiling about it, though. Schadenfreude? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe I can just relate.

Something about the complete and utter ‘fuck you’-ness of his statements makes me grin like a nutjob myself.

I mean, really…who hasn’t wanted to (figuratively, or literally) flip the whole world a bird and scream,

I know I HAVE.

Actually, wait. I HAVE done this.
I had my own similar meltdown, years ago. Excessive drinking, cocaine, sex with people known and unknown, (singles, doubles, WHOEVER). Someone I barely know told me a few years after my “episode” that I had sex with an NFL player (AND his friend) in the attic storeroom of the local dive bar.  REALLY?! Amazing. I had a brush with fame, and had no. idea. whatsoever.
I was doing what and who I wanted when and where it counted most (which was whenever and wherever I wanted). This was totally unhealthy, OBVIOUSLY, and I wouldn’t want to relive it, but it sure seemed fun at the time.

“A drug called Charlie Sheen”? FUCK Yeah, I can totally relate.

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  1. Whilst watching Charlie’s meltdown I can’t help feeling sorry for the innocents in this story, his kids. His offspring are going to have to live with Charlies juvenile behaviour long after he’s been through therapy.

    It’s so sad…and to think once upon a time like many I had a thing for him.

  2. I’m not sure at what point a man goes from “Sexy Bad Boy” to “That’s too Sad Boy”, but Charlie most certainly has. :-(

  3. He has become an embarrassing lush, shame. :(

    • When is a “lush” reached the stage of “embarrassing”? To whom is he embarrassing, I ask?

      To me Charlie Sheen is living the life he wants to live. He isn’t hurting anyone else, certainly not directly. The women involved with him are doing so by choice and under no illusion of seriousness or permanency. His drug use as an adult is his choice (outside of the opinion of the law enforcement community).

      Only his children might experience some negative repercussions, but my question there is, should Charlie Sheen live his life as he wants to? Or as his children expect him to?

      His bravado, his undeniable opinionated commentary, his personal freedom of expression, is inspiring.

      Not that I want to or ever will live a life like his. But I do admire his strong unapologetic sense of self.

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